A Look into the Most Common Types of Truck Accidents in California

More than a hundred thousand people in California are involved in truck accidents, which can result in minor injuries or be fatal. Since the industry contributes to about a third of the State’s economy, it is expected to have such high cases of truck accidents. This read will examine California’s most common types of accidents and what to do in such a situation.

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Causes of Truck Accidents in California

By knowing the common causes of truck accidents, you can enhance your safety on the road by
following the rules and avoiding the risk factors. Although you cannot control another party’s negligence when driving, the information can help with faster reaction, which may limit the injuries. Here are some common causes of truck accidents you need to be aware of;

Distractions when Driving

Distraction driving is a common cause of road accidents. It happens whenever drivers are talking on their phones or texting, trying to change the radio, and reaching for something on the passenger seat. At the same time, California is extensive, and truck drivers can drive through vast lands with little to see. Driving while looking at the scenery can cause distractions to truck drivers, which poses the risk of accidents. Another reason for distracted driving is when truck drivers have something occupying their minds and can quickly lose focus on the road.


Truck driving is exhausting as drivers move loads to distant locations and must rest adequately to eliminate the risk of causing road accidents. Fatigue is a common cause of truck accidents in
California. The authorities limit driver exhaustion by restricting the hours a driver’s van spends on the wheels. Exhaustion causes drivers to feel sleepy, making driving challenging and putting other road users at risk.


Cargo companies may be on a timeline to deliver goods, prompting truck drivers to speed to reach their destination fast. Overspeeding is a common cause of accidents on California roads. It is challenging for drivers to control a truck while at high speed or try to stop it abruptly. Therefore, overspeeding will limit a truck driver’s capability to react or maneuver the vehicle whenever they are about to cause an accident.

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other illicit substances is a popular reason for truck
accidents in California. The acceptable thresholds for intoxication are much lower for truck drivers than other drivers to minimize the risk of accidents due to drunk driving. In addition, some truck drivers rely on over-the-counter drugs to stay awake on the road, which can affect their performance. The substances reduce a person’s decision-making and reaction whenever driving.

Unbalanced Cargo

When loading a truck, it is vital to distribute the load through the trailer. Failure to do so can cause the vehicle to shift abruptly and leave the driving lane, posing accident risks for oncoming cars. An unbalanced cargo or overloaded truck makes it challenging for drivers to control the vehicle.

Finally, mechanical problems are another common cause of truck accidents in California. It is
essential to service the vehicle before any trip, especially the braking system, which commonly fails for such automobiles.

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