A Powerful Duo: Live Game Streaming and OneStream Live

Live game streaming has evolved beyond a mere pastime; it is now a thriving community where creators engage with millions of viewers in real-time. The synergy of live game streaming and cutting-edge tools has become a game-changer for creators and brands. One such tool that stands out in the crowd is OneStream Live, a robust and versatile live-streaming solution.

OneStream Live allows users to stream real-time and recorded videos on 45+ social media and web platforms simultaneously. With a user base of over 2 million, OneStream Live has become synonymous with multistreaming excellence, offering a seamless and efficient solution without the need for downloads or software installations. Let us delve into the features and capabilities that make OneStream Live an indispensable companion for live game streaming.

Choose Your Key to Success: Features That Matter

1. Stream with Studio

Elevate your live streams with the Live Studio feature, where you can invite guests, brand your streams with logos and overlays, and create professional-looking broadcasts effortlessly. Stand out from the crowd with these power-packed features:

Professional Branding

  • Stand out from the crowd with branded live streams.
  • Use creative overlays, virtual backgrounds, intros & outros to enhance visual appeal.
  • Establish a unique gaming brand with logos, banners, tickers, and custom backgrounds.

Interactive Gameplay

  • Invite up to 10 participants to join live shows for dynamic multiplayer experiences.
  • Customize layouts for solo or group streams.
  • Share screens, audio, and videos directly from their disk without the need for uploads.

Engage and Interact

  • Host Q&A sessions, interviews, panel discussions, and live product demos to connect with the audience.
  • Showcase unified chat, displaying live comments from all social platforms in real-time.

Monetize Gaming Passion

  • Utilize live selling features to turn gameplay into a profitable venture.
  • Sell products during live streams, adding product descriptions, price tags, and purchase links.
  • Answer product-related queries in real-time to build authenticity and brand loyalty.

2. Upload & Stream a Video File

For gamers, OneStream Live’s ability to upload and stream pre-recorded videos is a game-changer. This feature allows you to repurpose and restream your content for maximum engagement. Here is what you can do:

Queue Recorded Gameplay

  • Queue recorded gameplay into a playlist for a continuous and engaging viewing experience.
  • Schedule videos up to 60 days in advance, ensuring consistent content delivery.

Enhanced Streaming Experience

  • Schedule live events in advance for a hype-building strategy.
  • Add open captions to improve accessibility and reach a wider audience.

Expand Your Outreach

  • Embed your live stream on your website for more reach
  • Use 360° video support for an immersive experience
  • Loop your videos
  • Use multiple upload options

3. External RTMP Encoders

OneStream Live seamlessly integrates with external RTMP encoders, allowing gamers to enjoy real-time streaming using their favorite tools like OBS, Zoom, XSplit, and more.

Third-Party Streaming

  • Use OBS, XSplit, Zoom, and more to go live seamlessly from your browser.

Custom RTMP Streaming

  • Use multiple third-party apps to live stream on any custom RTMP destination directly from your browser.

Track Performance

  • Monitor views on each streaming destination. Make real-time decisions to drive traffic to your live streams.

Stream Keys

  • Get a unique stream key for every individual stream. Or use the universal stream key for all your streams.

Auto-Start Stream

  • Auto-start your real-time stream on the desired destinations and Hosted Live Pages with just one click.

Secure and Analytics-Driven Streaming

  • Add passwords to live streams for security.
  • Utilize real-time analytics to fine-tune content strategy based on viewer insights.

4. Personalized Webpages for Gaming Streams

Take your gameplay live streaming to the next level by embedding them on custom webpages hosted by OneStream Live. Personalize your streaming experience with a variety of customization options:

Create Customized Webpages

  • Personalize your webpage with custom backgrounds, layouts, brand logos, social media links, and more.

Secure Streaming

  • Password-protect your streams and control access to your content.

Interactive Features

  • Engage with your audience in real-time using live chat, feature upcoming event schedules, and implement a call-to-action for collecting feedback or donations.

Customizable Player

  • Tailor the player background, thumbnail, color, and controls to match your brand identity.

The Future of Live Gaming

The future of live gaming is a thrilling frontier where technology and community converge. Expect seamless, immersive experiences driven by cutting-edge graphics, augmented reality, and virtual reality. The cloud gaming market was projected to reach $6.3 billion in 2021, with a CAGR of 47.3% from 2020 to 2027. Cloud gaming services and high-speed internet accessibility will redefine how gamers engage, fostering real-time interactions and turning players into influential content creators. Collaborative gaming, interactive storytelling, and AI integration will give rise to new gameplay genres. In this dynamic landscape, the line between spectator and participant blurs, promising an interconnected and limitless gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Get ready for a future where creativity knows no bounds and virtual adventures are shaped by innovation and community.

Final Words: Unlock Your Streaming Potential

According to a report by Newzoo’s Global Games Market, in 2021, the global gaming industry was estimated to have generated over $159.3 billion in revenue. In conclusion, the combination of live game streaming and OneStream Live offers a powerful duo for content creators, gamers, and brands alike. Whether you are aiming for professional-looking streams, interactive shows, or monetization opportunities, OneStream Live provides the key features to make your live-streaming endeavors a resounding success.

Embark on your journey today and redefine how you connect with your audience through the captivating world of live game streaming powered by OneStream Live.

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