Accused of the Internet or Computer Crime.: Here is everything you Should Know and Do

You can serve jail time or huge fines when you are accused of internet or computer crimes. With the advancement of technology, the federal government is always seeking to arrest individuals who are found to commit computer fraud. Most people often think because of the anonymity the internet gives them, it’s hard for them to get identified. This sometimes can lead to wrong people being prosecuted for crimes they didn’t even commit. Unfortunately, most of these scammers will use the computers of innocent individuals to commit crimes. 

Additionally, you can be implicated by employees or ex-partners who plant incriminating evidence on you. Solving such cases can be hard, especially when trying to prove you are innocent when the computer used is yours. In such a case, contact a Federal Criminal Defense to help ensure your rights are protected and you get the right legal representation. The attorney will evaluate and investigate the allegations, the evidence presented, and how it was obtained. This article will explore everything you should know and do when you are accused of computer crime.

Some of the Common Computer Crimes

  • Use of Malware

Malware is when a virus, worm, or harmful software separates the information or money from the computer user. These programs are used by people to take your private information and can be used to scam other people. Most of the malware will appear as a virus software alerting you of an infection and requesting you to purchase a certain program to get rid of it. Avoid downloading any malware software or sending a virus to other computers.

  • Identity Stealing

Most people have been victims of identity theft. Most hackers can gain access to financial accounts and social security numbers. They use this information to exploit others using your identity.

  • Child Pornography

The internet has a lot of pornographic materials, some of which are legal but others not. Having pornographic material underage is illegal and a crime. Additionally, trying to exploit children online is also a crime. Most people are often accused of child pornography without even realizing it. If you have clicked on suspicious links, it’s hard to know what you are downloading.

  • Cyberstalking

Cyberstalking is using your computer to harass and stalk people using your computer. Stalking is a common accusation in most family disputes and domestic violence. Your partner can use your computer and frame you for trying to stalk them.

What You Should Do In case of a Computer Crime 

When you are arrested for computer crimes, you don’t have to answer any questions, and it’s advisable not to answer them without a lawyer. A reputable and experienced lawyer will help protect your rights and defend you against these allegations. Most of the questions the law enforcement asks are meant to incriminate you, even though they might seem innocent. The lawyer might file a complaint if the method used to retrieve the evidence did not follow the set procedure. 

Bottom Line!

Avoid talking to law enforcement whenever you are accused of computer fraud. This will increase the chances of your lawyer proving your innocence and preventing incriminating yourself. 

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