Basement Waterproofing Mississauga And Mould Prevention

Basement Waterproofing Mississauga And Mould Prevention

Most homeowners, despite doing basement waterproofing Mississauga experience the issue of mould growth in their basements. Having mould in your home should not make you panic because it is a common issue. There are always ways that the mould growth can be prevented, which homeowners should observe.

Having mould in your basement is not so friendly because there are various consequences. Such issues include health complications such as allergies which could cause spending on health bills or even worst health-wise. Even if you have done basement waterproofing Mississauga, you should consider the following ways to prevent mould in your basement.

  • Don’t Keep Plants In Your Basement

Basements are not a friendly area of your home to be exposed to too much water. For plants to survive, they will require regularly watered, which subjects your basement to water if the plants are kept in the basement.

Plants also produce waste such as oxygen and lose water to the environment, which will only worsen the situation. Any form of humidity facilitates mould growth. 

Some plants are known for less water production. However, this does not mean you have to risk having plants in your basement, hoping for the smallest possibility they won’t lead to moist build-up in your basement.

Any form of a living plant is likely to produce water through the stomata, and it does not matter if you have done Basement waterproofing Mississauga. Any moisture in the basement will result in mould growth in your basement.

  • Don’t Use Carpets In Your Basement

Most cases, the basements are not constructed with a vapor barrier below them. This means that they can easily allow the evaporation of water into their environment. 

The condition of absence of a vapor barrier is dangerous to the humidity levels in the basement. Adding carpets, especially heavy ones in your basement will only worsen the situation. The carpet traps moisture underneath due to the warm and dark conditions.

If you must use carpet in your basement, ensure you use synthetic fiber, which can release the moisture it traps without mould growth.

  • Get Rid Of The Wood Flooring

Basements are mostly dumping areas of whether you have done Basement waterproofing Mississauga or not. Wood is a material that absorbs moisture easily and can facilitate very fast growth of mould in your basement.

Installing wood flooring in your basement is like giving the mould a meal to feed on for their fast growth, and they can even spread out to other parts of the house. 

  • Regularly Check Your Vent Dryer

It is important to ensure that the vents release the moist air from drying your clothes to the outside. Any chance it is directing the moist air to your basement could lead to serious mould growth.

  • Inspect The Plumbing In Your Basement

It is very important to check that the sinks, tubs, and any plumbing are well sealed every once in a while to prevent unnoticed leakages. 

In most construction properties, the plumbing is usually connected to the basement in one way or another. This is why it is important to confirm that all plumbing is sealed every once in a while to minimize the chances of moisture finding its way to the basement, which could result to mould growth.

  • Do Leaks Repair Immediately After They Are Noticed

Leaks are the biggest cause of the presence of moisture in the basement. Any leaks in the house can always push their way to the basement due to their location in the structure. 

The water from the ground finds its way to the basement at every opportunity, and leaking basements will only worsen the situation. 

If you realize that your basement has leaks, you should immediately seek Basement waterproofing Mississauga services to have the issue corrected.

  • Avoid Storing Damp Items In The Basement

Having any damp items is just like having the recipe to mould growth implemented in your basement. Dampness is the main facilitator of growth.

However tempting it may be to keep damp items in your basement because you spend less time there, you should avoid that at all costs.

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