Best phones for photographers heading into 2024

Strapline: Exploring the best camera phones


Gone are the days of heavy cameras and albums that took up space on our shelves. The world of smartphones and social media has made it possible to capture almost every memory and share it instantly. Food, places, and crazy times with friends. They all get clicked and posted today, so much so that when buying a new phone, the camera is one of the first things you want to check. So, if you want to buy one, check out some of the best phones for photography lovers as we head into 2024. But before that, here are some factors to look forward to while buying a smartphone with a good camera.

10 factors to consider while choosing a phone for photography

The following are some factors to keep in mind when you go off to buy your new phone. 

  • The megapixels

A good phone comes with a decent amount of megapixels. So, don’t go for anything below 12MP. The higher, the better. Make sure the front camera and any auxiliary cameras also have a enough megapixels to capture. 

  • Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) and RAW

This is especially important for those with shaky hands. The feature greatly reduces the impact of these little jerks when you take pictures from your phone. Added to that is the RAW for better control to end up with the picture you want to see, not what the camera wants it to be. With things like exposure and white balance, you decide how you want the picture to be, not the camera. 

  • Lenses and zoom

Premium smartphones also come with lenses. These let you get closer to a subject and compose a picture better. 

  • Good HDR performance

A phone with a high dynamic range (HDR) always gives you a better picture quality. This can be a great add-on when you are taking pictures of sceneries and other landscapes. 

  • ISO control

Good ISO controls let you take better pictures of dark corners or when you head outdoors for a few pictures at night. An ISO of 100 gives you pictures with lesser noise and greater detail as you enjoy more clarity. 

  • Camera controls

A good camera gives you many options to edit, adjust, and experiment. So, ensure you have a good look at all of this. 

  • Durability

Features like water resistance and battery life mainly mark this. These may not affect the pictures you take. Yet, they can make your life easy as a photographer by preventing problems that can get in the way. 

Top 3 phones for best cameras 

  • OnePlus 11 5G

With a slender, laser-sculpted design, this phone fits comfortably in your hand while taking sharp, vibrant pictures. The OnePlus model Oneplus 11 comes with a 50 MP main camera and 4K video recording, which makes it a good choice for all Instagram reel makers. 

  • Apple iPhone 15 Pro


If an Apple iPhone is what you want, this is the one for the photographer in you. This Apple iPhone has a 48 MP camera and a 4k recording capability, too. Added to that is the Dolby Vision HDR technology feature to make all those videos vibrant before you create reels out of them. 

  • Samsung Galaxy S23

Finally, this Samsung phone comes with a dynamic AMOLED display and features to provide the perfect camera for the night owl in you. Added to that is the huge storage of 128GB to save all those stunning pictures you took. 

A camera is not the only thing that you would want to look for in a new phone. Added to that are various other features that should make a good phone. So, compare the features of each of the phones above by visiting their websites to have a closer look. You can then decide on the phone that would be the best for the photographer in you. 

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