Best Real Gold Bracelets

Men’s bracelet – gold bracelet for women – Monaco chain 14K 

Gold jewelry pieces are a must-have for any collection. Timeless and luxurious, gold pieces are both durable and investment-worthy. If you’re in the market to buy real gold jewelry, there are certain things to know before making your first purchase. 

One of the first terms to be familiar with is karats (abbreviated as K), which refers to the purity of a piece of gold. Gold is a soft metal, making it easily malleable. For long-lasting pieces that are fit for everyday wear, it is best to opt for the 10K – 18K range. Pieces in this range are made with a variety of alloys to obtain stronger pieces without compromising the the color and shine of pure gold. If you’re looking to buy real gold bracelets, especially, it is better to go for 10K or 14K, as these alloys are more resistent to wear and tear. 

The next thing to look for is wearability. When you invest in a piece, you want to be able to wear it whenever, wherever and comfortably. You want a piece that is going to match any outfit or occasion. Something that is durable but not bulky. The answer is Monaco Chain™. Monaco Chain™ is a patented technology-based, hollow gold chain that is versatile and durable. These 100% real gold chains provide a premium-grade gold look for a fraction of the price of solid gold chains. Plus, as they are hollow, they are much better for daily use. But don’t let the word “hollow” throw you off. Thanks to patented technology, these chains are made to help up to 52 lbs on a tensile scale. This means that these chains can handle the wear and tear of everyday life and last you a lifetime. Another thing is that as they are real gold, their color will not fade. Whether in the pool or at the gym, you can wear your Monaco Chain™ pieces without worry. 

You can shop for Monaco Chain™ 14K gold or 10K gold pieces at Oro Monaco, their official online partner. On the website, you can browse through a variety of chains and collections. You can even browse through their best sellers list to find the perfect chain for you. A great beginner-friendly piece is the Monaco Chain™ 14K gold Classic Plain Men’s Bracelet. The Classic Plain collection is perfect for everyday use. You can either wear it on its own, or stack it with others. If you’re looking for a little more, you can customize the clasp with a Swarovski-studded Pavé Lock or Baguette Lock. 

A gorgeous gold bracelet for women is the Monaco Chain™ Classic Diamond Cut Bracelet. The Diamond Cut Collection is the perfect mix between a timeless, classic gold chain and a sparkly, diamond-studded statement piece. These bracelets are hand-engraved to mimic the appearance of a diamond-studded chain. This way, you get the diamond chain look without having to worry about stones falling, or paying the gold price for cubic zirconia. Show now at and enjoy your investment!

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