Best tips on how to clean the hardwood floors

Best tips on how to clean the hardwood floors

Day to day floor takes a lot of the dirt, spillage, and dust. Hardwood is very complicated to clean and keep track of its cleanness. Don’t worry I am going to give you top the best tips to clean it quickly and neatly. Here is the various best way on how to clean the hardwood :

Remove the dirt with floor cleaner:

When there is dirt or spillage the best way to handle it is to wipe immediately and then use the cleaner with no wax to clean the remaining. If not wipe immediately it can damage the hardwood floor. Overcleaning the place should be prevented because it causes the wear out of the hardwood. Avoid leaving the spillage or liquid on the floor because it brings the bigger problem. It causes damage to the floor.

Make sure to vacuum your floor weekly:

Good vacuuming keeps the dirt away. Dirt can act like the sandpaper that slowly wears out the finish of the hardwood. So to avoid it damaging the floor, vacuum slowly weekly. (Diazepam) Attach the brush to the vacuum to prevent the vacuum cleaner from scratching the floor and wearing out the finish of the hardwood floor. Also, the beater bar can cause the scratch, to avoid that, do not engage the bar beater on the vacuum. When you do not want to haul out the vacuum cleaner, then you can choose to use one of the new microfiber sweepers that can work well.

Clean often:

Places which dirt usually accumulates like the kitchen, dining and living room need to be cleaned more often or daily so that it can be maintained. Additionally, You can manage your Swiffer or sweeping it daily so that it will help it retain the hard floor. When cleaning, ensure to wash it with clean water. You should make this part of your routine to ensure that your hardwood floor is left sparkling clean.

Right away mob the hardwood floor:

Sometimes the deep cleaning is needed in hardwood floor because oils and dirt tend to build up during the week; hence you will require too deep to clean the floor to remove it all. Although the deep cleaning is needed but not regularly once in a while like the holidays, in spring or just before winter. Use the right wood cleaner according to the wood and the type of the wood and the finish and the wood floor mob to mob regularly.

Ensure to damp mop the floor. Avoid water stagnating on the floor because it removes the finish. The cleaning product has instructions that must be followed carefully. Besides, it is essential to rinse it with a clean mob after cleaning it using the product. When the weather is not conducive for drying fast then use the ceiling fan.

Apply gentle cleanser:

Avoid cleaning product with high levels of alkanes, ammonia the abrasive formula. They scratch the floor by reacting with the finish of the wood and the wood itself. Use the pH balance cleaner since it is gentle to the hardwood floor finish. However, when using the mild cleaner, use it with warm water. It is essential to look for the best product in the market since some dealers can sell counterfeit products which can damage your floors. If you are in a fix on how to use such cleansers, you need to consult a professional to give you further guidance.

Remove the stain or the mark on the hardwood floor:

Before you remove the stain on the floor you need to understand what kind of floor you have and the type of finish. There is a hard finish when the dye is on the surface, and the consider yourself having the hard finish, there is also the soft finish. It is when the stain goes deep into the wood. For the hard finish, you can use only the soft and damp cloth to wipe.

Be cautious when using brushes and high chemicals since they can ruin your floor’s finish. For the soft finish, you can use the floor wax or the steel wool, and even chemicals with a high level of alkane can be used like vinegar to lighten up the floor. However, after you have clean it with vinegar, you must rinse it with a clean damp cloth.

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