Brew Like a PRO: At-Home Carbonation System to Perfect Your Own Bar

What is beer carbonation?

Good beer is unthinkable without the refreshing effect of CO2, which gives the final touch to the drink. The carbonization of beer is the saturation of it with carbon dioxide, which is released as a result of the breakdown of sugars by yeast. The process of forced carbonization takes place by mechanically driving it through a container with beer. This method requires certain equipment:

  • primary and secondary carbon dioxide gas regulators;
  • tanks for CO2;
  • air line;
  • barrier beer pipes.

What are the functions of beer gas regulators?

The primary gas regulator performs the function of controlling the pressure at the outlet of the cylinder. СО2 regulators for beer of this type come in two variants:

  • with one gauge regulator;
  • with two gauge regulators.

The second gauge shows the amount of gas in the tank.

Sometimes another gas, nitrogen, is used to bottle beer. In this case, you must have a nitrogen regulator or a carbon dioxide regulator adapter for a nitrogen bottle.

The secondary gas regulator allows you to use several kegs at once for bottling beer. Several dials are used to adjust the pressure. Optimum pressure is typically 10-15 psi for co2 systems and 30-40 psi for nitrogen systems. Remember to keep the air tank upright. Otherwise, you may damage the regulator and temporarily disable the traction system.

What are the components of a gas regulator?

For the normal operation of the co2 regulator for beer, it is necessary to check the condition of its parts.

1) Stem
The component that attaches to the balloon. If it leaks, then the tightness of the connection is broken. Use the wrench to tighten the part.

2) Low pressure gauge
Shows how much gas enters the keg.

3) High pressure gauge
Shows the remaining amount of gas.

4) Adjusting screw
Used to adjust the pressure that enters the keg. Turn the screw clockwise to increase the pressure, counterclockwise to decrease it.

5) Stop valve
Used to turn the gas supply on and off.

Any beer system parts can be ordered from the Beverage Craft online store.

What should you pay attention to when choosing the best co2 regulator?

In order for the beer carbonation system to work for more than one year, it is necessary to choose a reliable gas regulator. First, pay attention to the material from which the body and lid are made. Wrought brass is one of the best choices. Secondly, the presence of a built-in safety valve. An excellent addition to the security of the device will be a special protection for the gauge regulator.

The presence of a second gauge to measure the amount of gas in the cylinder will be an additional advantage for the primary gas regulator. It is also necessary to pay attention to the working pressure range.

The secondary gas regulator can have up to 5 dials. Choose depending on how many different pressure kegs you want to use. To operate several barrels with the same pressure, you will have to buy a distribution bar.

Should I buy a gas regulator from Beverage Craft?

Beverage Craft offers everything you need to create a true home beer paradise.

  • Each product from our assortment passes factory tests and only then gets on sale. With proper care, co2 regulators for beer will serve you for a long time.
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  • Affordable prices for all products.
  • The catalog of the store contains only high-quality goods.

Using a CO2 regulator to carbonate your beer is an easy way to improve your homebrewing. CO2 can be used not only to force carbonate, but also to push the beer out of the fermenter into the keg, and to deoxygenate the keg before filling it. Go to the Beverage Craft catalog and choose a gas regulator that will turn your homemade beer into the drink of the gods.

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