Building A Smart Packaging That Uses AR And QR Codes Technology

Codes Technology

Today in the world of technology, marketers use QR codes in all kinds of applications. Similarly, Custom boxes designed with QR codes have taken packaging to the next level. Such interactive and intelligent packaging substantially involves technology in business trends. QR code packaging delivers relevant product information to consumers to help them learn more about the carrier’s hidden product, benefits and uses. Packing QR codes is a medium that shares information with customers at every stage with incredible details and promotes their social media.

QR Code Technology 

Use of QR code in almost anything for scanning. It is used to make custom-made boxes, plastic containers, glass bottles, and magazines, as well as advertisements that are shown on TV and custom boxes for products. As a result of their versatility, they prove to be very useful for marketers. Basically, this means that you can turn anything into a digital interaction point that takes customers on a journey. Modern QR codes technologies have various ways to interact with customers. It is to display digital text to customers, send an email, write a message, make a payment, and much more. 

How To Create QR Codes on Product Packaging

A QR code can easily be created using a computer or smartphone device. 

  1. Please visit
  2. Choose a QR code solution that meets your needs.
  3. Select either “Static” or “Dynamic.”
  4. After clicking the “Generate QR code” button, proceed to customize the QR code.
  5. Make sure your QR code is error-free by scanning it.  
  6. You can download and deploy your QR codes on the packaging of your products.

QR codes are considered a new development in interactive packaging and are even readily available from smartphones. The QR codes technology is corporate in all applications, including gyms, fitness products, and custom box packaging.

Now That You Have Some Inspiration, We Encourage You to Play with Our Custom Box Builder.

Explore how a QR code might integrate into your custom rigid box design. Feel free to contact us. If we get enough feedback, we’ll write a follow-up post showcasing some of your examples.

Packaging Design and QR Codes: A fantastic Pairing

Use of Technology to supplement rather than replace traditional print marketing and advertising. The most adequate and engaging marketing campaigns have one thing in common: they incorporate traditional promotion with digital marketing tactics.

Codes Technology

Combining your product or cardboard box packaging design with Dynamic QR Codes allows your consumers to see much more. As a designer or brand, you can use the incredible combination of QR Codes and packaging to deliver consumers an experience that will make your brand unique, fun, and, most importantly, leave a lasting impression.

QR Codes on Packaging: Engage Your Customers Through Your Product Packaging Using QR Codes

Technology allows the customer to embrace the QR codes to make things more precise and informative. Consumers appreciate receiving products with QR codes to get more iterations with the products with conventional and emerging technology. However, QR codes on packing boxes are an intelligent means to market the products.

Codes Technology

Therefore, the smart future packing strategies will make every effort ground-breaking and go around with a simple concept of visual appeal to packaging. Multiple benefits to using QR codes on the packaging are on boards. Furthermore, it allows us to track valuable consumer data. 

Augmented Reality Technology and Custom Box Packaging

Recent Research on the new technology is virtual reality and Augmented reality. Augmented reality modifies the way we interact with product packaging. AR technology lets the consumer see beyond the box by providing a greater vision of the product and brand identity. There are many ways to give consumer-related information about the product with AR. 

It creates a more personalized shopping experience that blurs the line between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailing. Certainly, technology has its detractors. 

How AR Can Compliment Your Packaging Design

Augmented reality (AR) design complements and strengthens your custom packaging design, whether in a cardboard box or floor display. However, the specific goal of a product marketer is to increase customer engagement. Consumers who see an eye-catching package design are more likely to stop and inspect the product.

Codes Technology

With AR, the consumer will have an additional tier of interaction. The customer might want to view a product in its entirety. Using AR, smartphone users can view a 3D model of the inside of a box. Customers can observe the product’s front, back, and sides and get a better idea of its appearance. The customer always wants to provide their email address in exchange for a discount to entice the customer to purchase the product. 


Last Words: A New Conversation for a New Audience

AR and QR have practical applications that could broaden a brand’s demographic. Consider how technology has the power to eliminate language barriers or enhance them to give more purchasing power to people with disabilities. Adopting AR and smart packaging will go a long way in attracting a younger clientele. 

And with these new target audiences comes new design considerations. All this to say, with the emergence of AR, brands need to be ready for a new packaging frontier—one that demands significant experimentation. WeCustomBox, and Cardboard box companies like it, anticipate this industry shift. We’re a rigid box manufacturer that suffers quicker turnaround and fulfills smaller orders, which allows new businesses to adapt and reshape. Let’s get creative!


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