Can Cpc4 Modules Be Repaired?

The CPC4 module that is found within Freighliner Cascadia trucks is an essential component in the running of the vehicle. Without a working CPC4, the Freightliner is inoperable. New Freightliner CPC modules are very difficult to get hold of. New modules are on a backlog, this is because there is a global shortage of microchips, which of course are needed in CPC4 modules.

Luckily there are professional companies that are able to take damaged and non-working Freightliner CPC and carry out Freightliner CPC repair. There has been an increase in CPC4 Freightliner problems over recent months. Mainly because there have been problems involving lead-free solder that has been used to install the BGA chip within the module. Most professional companies use more durable solder so you don’t need to worry about this happening to you. Trust specialists who really know their stuff, have the necessary knowledge, equipment and steady hands!

The most common problems the Freightliner CPC has and repairs are needed for are:

  • No start / Intermittent start
  • Dead throttle / Intermittent throttle 
  • CPC reads as a different module (reads as CPC2, TCM, etc.)
  • CPC Hardware Failure Fault Code SPN 609 FMI 12
  • Check Engine Light is on
  • ABS Light stays on
  • DEF Light staying on
  • Instrument Cluster loses communication

When your CPC4 is taken to be repaired, the engineers will first remove the conformal coating that is on the CPC board, clean it up and then check to see if any of the components are non-working, damaged, or getting to the end of their life. Any components they find will be replaced with fully working parts, including the components that may be working but coming to the end of their life. This is all performed using state-of-the-art technology and the newest modern tools.

Be careful of DIY repairs, and companies that are not experienced or professional. DIY solutions can give a short fix but they may also damage your CPC4 Module beyond repair. Modern equipment, training and professional techniques give reliable results.

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