Celebrities Who Have Spoken Highly Of Cryptocurrency

There was a time when Cryptocurrency was such an entity that could only be spoken in a hushed tone!

Bitcoin was being made fun of!


No one was taking Cryptocurrency seriously. 

All in all, a true form of cryptic entity!

It is weird to see how the times have changed.

Especially when we talk about the drastic changes in opinion about the whole Cryptocurrency business.

Do you not believe us?

Here is an account of every business and huge conglomerates that are using Cryptocurrencies as their mode of payment.

Microsoft has started accepting Cryptocurrency as a form of payment for their new Xbox set.

Examples of other companies are-

– Starbucks

– Etsy

– Newegg

– Home Depot

Now, when it comes to some bigger investments, we cannot end this list without covering the celebrities who swear by the investments in Cryptocurrency.


Clearly, they cannot say anything but good things about this investment.

Now, we all know that the concept of Cryptocurrency is a little controversial. There are experts who are becoming millionaires with the help of this digital currency, while there are others who are warning us against it.

If you are someone actually planning to invest in Cryptocurrency, then you have reached the right place.

Why You Should Invest In Cryptocurrency

If you are wondering whether you should invest in Bitcoin or about earning interest from Ethereum.

Here are some of the pioneer reasons why you should invest in Cryptocurrencies. This will help you get rid of any further second thoughts.

Always try to use a credible source to open your Cryptocurrency account—something like AQRU, which makes it easier for you to earn interest in Bitcoin.

Decentralized Domain

You have full control over your own assets. Since it is decentralized, it means you have no control, and there is no government control.

Every inch of your Cryptocurrency asset, which you earn, will be yours for a lifetime without anyone else trying to control it.

Limited Cryptocurrencies

There is a limited number of certain Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Thus, if you invest in one right now, you will have an entire lifetime worth of Bitcoin.


The more the number decreases, the price will increase with the high demand.

Cryptocurrency is anyway going to be in high demand soon.

Volatile Market

Yes, the market is volatile, and it should be a big part of the risk that we are always talking about in the beginning.

However, you can very well use this volatility to your advantage.

This is because the prices might fall, but at the same time, they will skyrocket when you least expect them.

Blockchain Protection

Cryptocurrencies use a very secure platform called the Blockchain. Thus it is understandable that your earned digital currency is always secure.

These blocks in which the information is saved cannot be manipulated in any form. Plus, they are there for a lifetime.

Thus, such cybersecurity protection is a huge deal!

Good For Long Term

We have already mentioned this before, but Cryptocurrencies are going to be a big deal soon. There are few businesses that have already started using it as a form of payment, and this isn’t far when almost everyone will.

Thus, investing in Cryptocurrency will make it an excellent long-term investment for your future passive income.

Celebrities Who Have Spoken Highly Of Cryptocurrency

If you are still not convinced, then here are your favorite celebrities who have always talked highly about Cryptocurrency.

Maybe they will convince you about these investments.

1. Paris Hilton

Despite the different ways with which you perceive her.

There is no doubt that she is a businesswoman, and she is a boss woman, to say the least.

This celebrity could be controversial, but she has given full support in the world of Cryptocurrency and believes that it is beneficial to all.

2. Gweneth Paltrow

The actress and owner of skin and beauty company Goop is not only a supporter of Cryptocurrency-

She is also the face of one of the pioneer Cryptocurrency wallets.

We can understand how much support Gweneth Paltrow is placing on Cryptocurrencies.

3. Mike Tyson

He is one of the first few who decided to believe in the potential and the supremacy of Bitcoin rather than making fun of it.


It turns out he wasn’t wrong!

Bitcoin is making history now, and so can you if you simply do your research properly and dip your toes first.

4. Bill Gates

The founder of Microsoft always had a lot to say about Bitcoin, and most of them are good things.

He has always praised Bitcoin’s flexibility and its ease with transactions.

5. Madonna

The queen of pop was able to manage an entire fundraiser with the help of the Cryptocurrency Ripple, and she has always been the first one to praise the work of Cryptocurrencies.

She is always advocating for the ease and the security of transacting with the help of Cryptocurrency.

6. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton is a big advocate of making all the payment methods of Cryptocurrency mainstream.

This founder of ‘A-Grade’ has nothing but praises about Cryptocurrency.

His biggest investment is, of course, ‘Bit-Pay.’

7. Lionel Messi

The legendary footballer is also the brand ambassador of Sirin Labs since 2017.

Sirin Labs is an Israeli company, and it is one of the first Crypto companies which specializes in smartphones.

The Finney Phone is now available for people to buy.

8. Lil Nas

This hip-hop star is already shaking the music industry with his hit pieces.

However, when it comes to his free time, he is totally invested in technology and looking for different Cryptocurrency startups to invest in.

9. Roger Ver

If we are talking about Cryptocurrency, we can definitely not forget the ‘Bitcoin Jesus.’

He is one of the earliest investors of Bitcoin and has always believed in Cryptocurrency. He is literally a celebrity known just for his Cryptocurrency investments.

10. Jessica VerSteeg

She is an entrepreneur herself, using her very own Blockchain network, Paragon, to spread awareness about the Cannabis industry.

The former Miss Iowa and CEO is a big believer in Cryptocurrency.

Make Your Investment Today!

By now, you should know that you are not the only person who believes in the supremacy of Cryptocurrency.

This is why you need to stop doubting your decisions.

Just invest!

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