Chest and Triceps Workout for Men: What Are the Best Types?

Chest and Triceps Workout

In the world today in which health has taken the backseat, we must take some time out for ourselves and think about what with our bodies. Fitness is not just something that makes you toned, but also a significant part of our lifestyle. No matter how busy you are, it is a must that you find some time out to exercise. Now, exercise works differently for men and women, and the primary factor is the different physical structure of both. While both men and women can work for the same goals, the style of exercising is mostly incompatible. In this article, we will focus mainly on the chest and triceps workout.

For all the men out there, who have already made a new year resolution to look fitter and more toned, here are a few ways to achieve your goal. Start with moderate-intensity workout sessions and slowly start challenging yourself. Once you are comfortable with the rigorous routine, you can segregate days to focus on separate body parts.

You must also know that workout does not only mean shedding bodyweight. It is a much broader concept which includes improvement in the entire body. For example, fitness means higher efficiency, more strength and resistance, better metabolism, and so on.

Irrespective of your body structure or schedule, you can work out regularly and realize its benefits. There is a chest and triceps workout for beginners that will help you get with the flow. You can keep increasing your skills over time.

Chest and triceps workout in more detail

Why do we focus mainly on these two body parts? It is because the chest and triceps are efficient are two of the most productive parts of the body. Either it is chest and triceps workout for strength or chest and triceps workout for cutting, you can achieve both. Also, men who want a toned body mostly find it beneficial when they focus on the chest and triceps. A toned chest gives them a stern look already. On top of that, a pair of perfect triceps will help you bring your A-game forward.

Men who aim for a perfectly toned body strive for those chiseled cuts and perfect-looking abs. Now, that is not possible without a proper routine for a chest and triceps workout. As you read further, we will make things more comfortable and more enjoyable for you. You will be able to learn a few efficient exercises to help you achieve that perfect body.

Chest exercises for the pectoralis

We have already entered the first section of the chest and triceps workout routine, and you are already confused about the term ‘pectoralis.’ It is the most important muscle that you must focus on to get a chest that looks like a steel armor! The pectoralis has two parts- major and minor, both of which need equal attention. Check out the following routine that will help you challenge your inner Hercules in the most significant way.

1. Cross-over with cable: Ascending order


To do this, you have to arrange the sides of the pulley machine to the most comfortable setting that is the lowest. Now, attach a specific D-handle to both the hands of the cable machine. Grip the handles in a way that your palm faces the ceiling. It is known as the supinated grip. Now stand in the space that is left in-between both the handles. You must also make sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart. In the beginning position during this chest and triceps workout routine, you must learn how to hold your posture. During the Cross-over posture, your back must be straight. Besides, you must also keep both your arms stretched downwards on each side and your chest up.

As you fix your position, bend your arms a little and pull both the D-handles up. Your hands should in-line with your eyes. The movement should look like your body is ‘scooping’ from the face-front to the hips. Do not repeat the exercise too fast. Keep the speed and frequency moderate. Moreover, make sure that you are being able to obtain the right amount of contraction when you are pulling the handles up. Now slowly bring your arms down and rest at the starting position.

Essential tip for chest and triceps workout:

Practicing a chest and triceps workout routine is not enough without perfection. The cross-over in ascending order focusses on the top section of the pectoralis major. Make sure that you do not use excessive weight while doing this exercise. The best measurements to perform a maximum of 40 pounds. It would be perfect if you can repeat the set 3-4 times with at least 10-12 repetitions in each.

chest and triceps workout

2. Cross-over with cable: Descending order for chest


The same exercise in descending pattern is just the opposite of its counterpart mentioned above. In this pattern, arrange the sides of the machine to the most stringent setting and then attach D-handles on the sides. Unlike what you did in the ascending order, you must have as a pronated grip in this, which means the palms should remain inverted. Next, you have to put pressure on the handles and lift your body within the space between the handles. Keep your arms stretched in the form of a ‘T.’ The elbows must be a little bent to make the starting pose perfect.

In the descending cross-over exercise, you do a downward scoop and pull the handles towards your belly-button. The handles must meet near your hips in a way that the core is tightened, and you are squeezing your pecs.

Essential tip:

The Cross-over in descending pattern focusses on the pectoralis major. Keep a variety in this posture and fix the D-handles a little towards the middle of the stand. When you are comfortable doing the pronated grip, try the neutral grip while doing the repetitions. The cross-over exercise is a vital part of a chest and triceps workout and strengthens the chest muscles well.

3. Inclined bench press using dumbbells


For an incline bench press, you have first to set a bench at an angle of 30-45 degrees. Now take a pair of dumbbells using an overhand grip. In the next step, you will have to sit down with your head and back in a way that they lie against the bench.

Your feet should lie flat and touch the ground. Now lift the dumbbells by extending both the hands. Lift them till the sides are almost straight above your head. Slowly, lower your hands till they reach the mid of your chest. Now put some pressure and slightly lift the weights so that you can quickly return to the starting position.

Essential tips:

You must try to achieve maximum contraction by using an inclination of 30-45 degrees. Doing it in this way will also help to strengthen and tone your pec muscles. If you want to work towards a thicker chest, you can break a single repetition into two. It means that you will have to take a small pause while you are lifting the arms with the dumbbell. Now mid-way, you will have to push the dumbbells forward for an extra contraction. Finally, continue raising until you complete the move.

4. Bench press with barbells


Using barbells is inevitable when you are practicing a chest and triceps workout routine. During this hard-core exercise, you must first lie down on the barbell bench with your head against it. The feet must be flat and touching the ground, along with your eyes fixed right below the rack.

Take an overhand grip of the barbell in a way that the hands are a little more extensive than a perfect arm-width. Stretch your arms completely and lift the rod to start the posture. At this moment, the barbell must be precisely over the chest.

You must keep your elbows towards the inner side while you are lifting the rod. Next, you will pull down your elbows in a way that the barbell will touch the chest surface exactly. Lift your hands again to reach the starting position.

By now, you are already feeling the contraction in your core muscles. Make sure not to use weights more massive than you can handle, and also do not overstretch your arms. You have finally completed one repetition.

Essential tip:

You must avail of a spotter when you are trying to do a bench press using heavyweights. Anyone can act as a spotter during this exercise, including a gym mate. However, you should avail a professional or a knowledgeable person as a spotter.

5. Push-ups for both Chest and Triceps Workout


We all know about push-ups, and it is possibly a frequent exercise that you regularly perform as a part of your chest and triceps workout session. To do this, you must keep your hands on the floor flat in an inverted pattern. It must be at a shoulder-width distance and now stretch your arms and legs.

Make sure that you are in a position in which just your pals and foot-toes are touching the ground. Your body is lifting when you are putting pressure on the palms and toes. The feet must be at a hip-width distance during the starting position.

As you proceed, you must hold your position and lower your body in a way that you are taking a dip. During the dip, the elbows should form a right-angle while the arms lay parallelly with the ground. Now, force yourself against the surface of the floor and return to the starting position. In the process, your glutes and abs will support the back muscles of the body.

Essential tip:

Chest and triceps workout for beginners is not very easy, and you must follow specific rules to keep it perfect. If you want to challenge yourself, even more, bring variety to your simple push-up. Try to master a rotational push-up to strengthen your chest and triceps more.

Triceps and chest exercises for the best results

Now that you are moving towards a more challenging chest and triceps workout for strength, you must learn some more crucial moves. The exercises that you will learn from the following list will focus mainly on building perfect triceps. ( Check them out!

1. Cable press-down with a reverse grip


The target area in case of the cable press-down is your medial head. To do this, you must create the perfect posture in-front of the cable. Now grip the rod attachment while keeping your knees slightly loose, and bending a little. It is the starting position, after which you will repeat by bringing your elbows close and hands close to the ground.

Essential tips:

The press-down posture is highly crucial to growing body balance before you start with chest and triceps workout for cutting. It is the beginner’s posture in the advanced category.

2. Triceps extension with machines


The device that is used to perform the triceps extension is available in several forms. For example, a few of them will have horizontal arm pads, and the others won’t. It is mainly performed to strengthen the lateral and long heads. The triceps extension is a typical push and pulls exercise that will exert pressure on the backside of the arms. Challenge yourself during this exercise, and don’t be scared to increase the weights during this one.

Essential tips:

Make sure you know the level of difficulty you can manage while performing the triceps extension. Now that you have already entered the advanced level, you should keep interacting with a professional for better assistance.

Other exercises

A few different exercises worth mentioning in a proper, developed chest and triceps workout routine are-

  • Triceps extension with the overhead cable that targets the long head
  • Dumbbell kickbacks for the long and outer heads
  • Triceps press down mainly focus on lateral heads
  • Weighted dips
  • Push-ups with close grips

Final thoughts

Fitness is a continuous process, and you must have the patience to enjoy the expected outcome. Following several effective exercised will surely make it easier for you to achieve your target.

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