Class 10 Cbse Syllabus: Complete Details

The CBSE Class 10 Board Examinations are around the corner. It is crucial to start the preparation if you have not already and devote extensive focus towards scoring good marks. Class 10 board examinations have a decisive role in a student’s life. You get to choose from the different subjects to study in the higher classes – Class 11th and 12th. A particular choice of subjects is popularly known as a ‘Stream’. Students can choose between Science, Commerce and Humanities according to their capabilities and understanding. It is important to note that a student must opt for such subjects that he or she is comfortable in tackling and has a keen interest to gain knowledge about the various topics in that subject. 

It is generally seen that students tend to act under peer pressure or family pressure and opt for the difficult subjects that require thorough clarity of concepts. For example, Students from various families tend to accept the fact that they have to be a part of the lineage of a particular profession. If you belong to a family that has many doctors, it is anticipated by your parents that you’ll be the next in line with the same profession. Students must take a rational decision, without acting in desperation because a wrong choice is bound to have a momentous impact on their future.

With the pandemic hitting the whole world and having a catastrophic impact on every sector of the economy, there have been several unprecedented changes in society. There are extensive changes that have taken place in the education sector especially in the workload of the students who have to prepare for their CBSE board examinations. Several changes have been made in the Class 10 CBSE Syllabus due to the pandemic. This article will help the students to note the significant modifications that have been made keeping in mind the fallout of the pandemic and its repercussions on student life. The changes in the exam structure and syllabus are discussed below:

  • The CBSE decided to cut short the syllabus for the Class 10 board examinations by up to 30% in the session 2020-21 but has now restored the syllabus for the session 2021-22. Instead, the board has divided the session 2021-22 into two terms. It means that the board exams will take place in two parts in this particular session. All the subjects in both terms will have a maximum weightage of 50 marks and students will be assessed subsequently out of their overall performance in both the terms with the maximum marks being 100. The syllabus for class 10 will be a crucial resource that will promote an overall preparation for the board exams. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the chapters, topics and those parts that have been deleted and therefore should be skipped. Since this particular session is affected by the pandemic, students should take advantage of the reduced syllabus and dive into extensive preparation for the exams. Detailed information about the change of structure and pattern of the exams becomes crucial. 
  • The first phase of the Class 10 exams, the first term exams will be held in November-December 2021 and the second phase or the second term exams are scheduled to take place in March-April 2022. It is important to note that the first term examinations will primarily be based upon Multiple- Choice questions and the second phase will focus on the objective answer type questions. The time limit for both the terms are given by the CBSE. Students should go through their textbooks comprehensively to answer the multiple-choice questions. A clear idea and understanding of the topics are crucial to deal with such questions that have more than one option to choose from and gauge the correct answer accordingly.

Many tips will boost your performance in the Class 10 Board examinations. These include:

  • A clear understanding of the syllabus is crucial to score good marks in the exams because CBSE board examinations focus extensively upon the syllabus and the probability of any question being out of the syllabus is comparatively less. The syllabus will act as the guide to devise the most appropriate study plan that is personalized according to the needs of the students. Since no strategy is universal, students must try to concoct a strategy that utilizes their capacities to the optimum level. Moreover, the details in the syllabus enable the students to comprehend the amount of concentration a particular topic requires effectively. Given the benefits of the syllabus, it is important to go through the syllabus carefully before starting the preparation.   
  • Being consistent and committed to the preparation for the board examinations are the key factors to secure a good percentage and choose the desired stream in the higher classes. Students must practice the various problems in mathematics regularly to develop their overall level of understanding and clarity. The multiple-choice questions related to maths can be time-consuming. Students must practice such questions to increase efficiency and accuracy. As far as the languages are concerned, in-depth reading of the textbooks with solving the back exercises will be sufficient to retain the necessary information. It is critical to ensure an equilibrium of understanding and practice is maintained throughout the preparation phase.
  • Students must approach each subject with full confidence and attention. Many topics may seem difficult or tedious but if you devote the necessary attention and concentration, understanding them will become convenient. Moreover, some of the topics will demand critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the fundamentals. A step by step approach based preparation will boost self-confidence and promote better performance in the examination. 

These were the considerable changes that have been initiated by the CBSE for the ongoing session, 2021-22. It is important to prepare with full dedication and adopt an inclusive approach. Students must go through the NCERT textbooks rigorously as direct answers to most of the questions can be easily found in the textbooks. It is necessary to refer to other books for better understanding. If you are willing to give your best shot in the CBSE Class 10 board exams, you will get the desired stream in Class 11.          

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