Common ENT Procedures performed at the ENT Clinic in Singapore

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The ENT surgeons help keep our sensory organs in good health. These ENT doctors review and treat for a broad range of ear, nose and throat conditions with treatment ranging from lifestyle modification to medications and even surgeries and procedures. The ENT surgeons at the ENT clinic Singapore treats both paediatric and adult patients for minor and complex ENT issues. From an ear pain to a throat malignancy, the ENT clinic Singapore is competent in handling a range of ENT conditions.

Dr. Jeeve, Dr. Annabelle, and Dr. Hobbs have over 5 decades of combined ENT experience. They have trained in the UK, Australia, Canada and Singapore. The clinic is also supported by experienced nursing and assistant staff to support the otorhinolaryngology services. Using the latest technology and evidence based medicine, varied cases like hearing loss, voice disorders, balance disorders, sleep apnea and snoring are resolved. ENT is a field with amongst the widest range of procedures ranging from head and neck procedures to the performance of microsurgery on the ear what is otoplasty.

Some of the Common procedures performed at the ENT Clinic Singapore :

Tonsillectomy and Adnoidectomy:

This is the surgical removal of the tonsils and adenoids. It forms a very common procedure in both young and old. The tonsils and the adenoids are present behind the nasal passages, formed as a mass of lymphoid tissue. These two structures are thought to help in preventing infections, but many kids have shown to have inflamed and large tonsils. The ENT specialists decide on whether to leave them or have them removed. Tonsilitis and adenoiditis are common conditions in children with recurrent sore throat, headaches and fever. An ENT doctor decides on surgery, based on the intensity, frequency, and on how severe the symptoms of the child is. Frequent infection, breathing difficulties, trouble swallowing, may often lead to surgery.

Myringotomy with Tube Insertion

This surgical procedure involves the insertion of a tiny tube into the eardrum when the eardrum has an excessive build-up of fluid. The insertion of the tube helps with prolonged aeration preventing the re-accumulation of fluid and the tube can be removed after a period of 6 to 12 months through a minor procedure. This kind of procedure is common in toddlers aged 1 to 3 years. This is a short procedure which will not require any hospitalisation and can be done as an out patient procedure. Following this, your child should sleep better and likely exhibit improved behavioural patterns.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

This is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which is done to improve sinus ventilation. In this procedure, the nasal drainage pathways are enlarged and the subjects who undergo this procedure are those with acute or chronic infective sinusitis. This is a very effective surgical procedure with minimal discomfort performed at The ENT Clinic Singapore helping improve the symptoms of patients.

Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty for sleep apnea

Sleep apnea and snoring are becoming more prevalent due to bad habits like alcohol consumption and obesity. During this procedure, there is removal and repositioning of excess tissue in the throat to help widen the airway. The ENT surgeons at the ENT clinic Singapore, help to trim down the soft palate. Individuals who have sleep apnea undergo UPPP and other soft palate procedures. This procedure along with other surgeries can help to relieve yourself from severe sleep apnea episodes.

Laryngoscopy with Biopsy

Individuals who report of persistent coughing or voice or throat related problems or even bad breath can have these conditions accessed through laryngoscopy by an experienced ENT physician. In this procedure, a small device called a laryngoscope is inserted to check the throat and voice-box. If a foreign body is identified, the doctor is able to remove it. If the doctor needs any tissue samples for further testing, a biopsy may be collected. The procedure generally takes 15 minutes, with patients ready to leave the hospital premises within 2 hours.

The ENT Clinic Singapore with its state of the art modern facilities, offers a full range of diagnostic assessments as well as surgical and interventional services, along with medical treatment. The doctors are understanding and friendly and are based in the convenient locations of Mt. Elizabeth Novena Hospital and Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore. Further details of the clinical team and services can be found on their website.



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