Considerations For Choosing A Stock Broker in South Africa


Among the many things you should consider when choosing a stock broker, one thing stands out in all. You must have heard about the experience of forex traders in the event of loss. A number of them are usually overwhelmed by emotions to a point that they lose it. 

You should be picky about  your choice of a broker even if they offer  the best online trading platforms. Your best chance is to choose the forex brokers in South Africa who provide you the greatest trading conditions if you’re searching for a broker there. 

At some point, many things may go wrong. Although it could take some time to get your money back, monies are often secure when authorities take control of brokerages and put them into administration. This sounds more like your risk is shared. So you can confidently trust such a broker with your funds.

You should be concerned about what happens to your funds and what becomes of your funds when things do not go as expected. To make a choice of a stock broker in South Africa, the following factors must be considered.

Factors To Be Considered

Go For A Broker That Ringfences Your Money

In many countries, ringfencing, also known as account segregation, is required. This element determines whether customer funds are protected from loss in the event of bankruptcy or if they are completely lost. The brokerage you intend to choose needs to be able to provide you this information in plain words. You don’t want to pay for a company’s inability to remain in business so it is important you know what to expect and be prepared for it before it comes.


When a broker has a license for operation, there are certain checks the regulatory body puts on them and those who they deal with. It is best to identify with a broker that is recognized by the region where you trade. A regulated broker is simply a currency broker that has been authorized to handle, process, clear, and perform transaction settlement by the nation’s financial market authorities. Regulation makes sure that brokers follow a code of ethics that promotes honesty and integrity while handling customers’ money. You may rely on AvaTrade as a licensed broker to manage your money. Though there are other brokers but you want the best so we have you covered.

Track Record Of Broker

It is important to know what a broker has done consistently in the past before you stake your funds with them. A broker may be properly licensed and follow all rules, yet they still could have certain problems that detract from the overall experience. Every currency trader has certain expectations for their time spent working with a forex broker. Looking at a broker’s past performance is the only method to determine if they are a good fit for your company. Don’t be sentimental about sticking to a brand even when they fall short of all the expectations you have. Except if you want to run a charity, don’t forget that your funds were staked as investment and any thing that attempts to work against your progress should be put out of the way, including a broker.

Available Offers

When picking currency brokers, it is important to take into account their product offers. AvaTrade provides degrees of leverage that reduce the amount of margin needed to run a stock trading account. Some traders may find certain contract parameters to be enticing while others may not. Make sure the broker you choose has contract terms that you are comfortable with. What matters here is your preference as a trader. No matter how mouth watering and offer is, if it does fit in with your preference as a trader, you might want to consider a different broker instead.

Support Desk

In order to better meet local needs, several brokers are adjusting their customer support teams. A well-rounded experience may be had by the trader by having access to a customer care representative who is familiar with the requirements of the local traders and who can reply properly. The trading experience revolves on customer service. No matter how great a broker’s offer is and the kind of service they offer, when they have a weak customer service approach, it is a red flag. You don’t want to wait for eternity to get feedback on something you want done urgently.

Insurance Plan

Losses are part of the experience of any trader regardless of level of expertise. As time goes on, trader insurance is more important to the experience of the trader. In the event of insolvency, traders are covered by Avatrade’s insurance coverage to a reasonable percentage. Similar investor protection funds in Cyprus and the UK do not provide anything close to this package. Knowing that their money is protected because of trader insurance, investors have more confidence.

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