Diamonds? Rare Carat

 Make the most of your diamonds by choosing a product that is of high-quality, cost-efficient, and obtained in eco-friendly procedures. Real and natural diamonds are gifts from nature, but synthetic diamonds are gifts from science. These diamonds are guaranteed and surely genuine and authentic. These are crystallized carbon elements that are formed under high pressure and high tension, and vaporized minerals to make exactly the same diamonds that are formed on the earth’s surface billion of years ago. There are no distinct differences in appearance between lab-grown diamonds vs real diamonds as they equally give the best shine, brilliance, and luxury to every piece of jewellery.

 How to buy lab-grown diamonds

Buy lab-grown diamonds that are checked, approved, and certified by different legitimate gemological laboratories like GIA and GCAL because they are rated “Standard” with their grading (Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, and Cut). Choosing Lab-grown diamonds vs real diamonds is a wiser choice because of the following benefits:

  • They are less expensive and cost around 1/3 to 1/4 cheaper than real diamonds
  • With this, you can get more of its size, and pieces, and select the most expensive cut for your jewellery setting
  • Can be more durable and clearer than real diamonds because it is made of pure elements that make up the real diamond composition, real diamonds can have other mineral contaminations during their formation with rocks
  • Highly durable because its creation processes are closely monitored and formulated

Lab-grown diamonds can also be counted as a great investment for your accessories because you do not have to spend more for a single piece of jewellery. When you can have more jewellery, you can have varied pieces with different styles from trendy, to classic, or a personalized design that suits your own personal brand. 

How to choose lab-grown diamond quality and characteristics

Rare-carat lab-grown diamonds ensure that the diamonds you get are genuinely competitive with all other real diamonds in the world:

  • Choose a Clarity rating of at least VS1 or VS2 for the clearest and most shimmering pieces. Make sure that there are no changes to what you see as you look through a lab-grown diamond.
  • Round cut and Oval Diamond Cuts have the highest number of reflectors and the most brilliance because it has the highest number of facets and edges making the light reflect against them more.
  • Carat Weights determine the value of lab-grown diamonds. Carat Weight that starts from at least 1 to 8 are considered very efficient and treasure items of a lifetime. With Rare Carat lab-grown diamonds, you can purchase cheaper diamonds with higher-carat weights at genuine and premium quality.
  • Take note that some created diamonds can have blue and yellowish color nuances because of the chemical reactions during their manufacturing processes. But there is no need to worry because these are very much not obvious. All laboratory-created diamonds from Rare Carat, America’s No.1 diamond jewellery is generally transparent and incomparably clear giving the best sight for everyone else to see.

Where to find and buy lab-grown diamonds

At Rare Carat, you can find unique pieces, custom-made designs, and classic designs for jewellery pieces of your own designs, imagination, and dreams that suit the personality and styles of your partner. You can have these magical-looking diamond rings for your own collection. Melt the heart of your special someone with genuine and GIA-certified lab-grown diamonds. At Rare Carat, you choose from diverse styles and designs whether you start from the jewellery and material setting or the diamond itself for its cutting, size, and carat weight. The brand provides the highest quality of craftsmanship in jewellery settings and diamond cutting which you can choose from different classic or trendy designs available on their site. Visit Rare Carat for more information and see the various product and design displays.

 You can find the different diamond cuts like round, cushion, oval, princess, etc., and select among the available metals from gold, white gold, rose gold, and many more! Thus, you can also get more insights into the deeper details about the legitimacy of their lab-grown diamonds and why it is better to select lab-grown diamonds vs real diamonds.

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