DOs and DON’Ts for Your Trip to Birmingham

Feel worried about your trip to Birmingham? No problem! Here is the list of DOs and DON’Ts for your perfect trip to Birmingham!

What you should do

Discover more about Birmingham

Before planning your perfect journey, make sure you know what to expect from Birmingham. There are several points you can find more information about:

  • Climate. Know when it is the best season to visit Birmingham or what clothes to take.
  • Vehicle rental. Know about the services which allow you to, for example, hire a 7 seater in Birmingham.
  • Local customs. Know them and avoid awkward situations!
  • Dialect. Get to know it, and you will understand local people better.
  • A brief history of the city. Look at the historical background a little. It will help you choose interesting places to visit.

Measure budget limits

Planning your budget ahead helps you avoid unexpected extra payments and an unpleasant feeling of wasted money. To not spend on trifles, you can make two lists:

  • The things you would definitely need: accommodation, taxi or 7 seater hire, food, medicine, etc.;
  • The things for planned entertainment: souvenirs, attractions, tours, etc.

Allocate your budget to these groups. You may also leave some extra money for unexpected spending!

Memorise important information

Try to remember the passport number, credit card number, passwords and other important information. It will help you restore the documents faster in case something happens.

Plan your route

Have a well-prepared plan to feel more comfortable during your journey to Birmingham. Depending on your liking, include various historical and natural attractions or cultural events. Try to create your schedule balances: remember to have a rest from your journeys.

The other essential aspect of the plan is time management and transport. Think wisely when you might need a cheap 7-seater car hire in Birmingham, or maybe need a tram, or even a ferry for your journeys. Pay more attention to your timing if you want to use public transport only, and book everything you require beforehand.

Try some local food

Have you ever tried the most popular dishes of Birmingham? Try the city’s specialties and feel the atmosphere of the city! Here are the top 5 dishes:

  • Faggot
  • Shrewsbury cake
  • Pork scratching
  • Balti
  • Birmingham soup

Inform your family and friends

Sometimes our family members might be concerned about our safety during our trip. In this case, phone once in a while to your closest people to make sure you are safe and sound!

At the same time, there are friends who are also eager to know more about your adventures. Try to spend some time every day to tell about your fantastic visit to Birmingham by sending photos, phoning, or talking via video chat applications. Tell about the food you tried, about your experience with a 7-seater car hire self-drive, about the places you visited, or simply about the people you saw!

What you should not do


Do not draw too much attention

If you give the impression of an ardent tourist, you run the risk of getting into trouble. Why? Because you become a potential theft victim! Try to wear simple and inconspicuous suits. Be careful with asking local people for directions. That is where your preparation comes in handy: if you know Birmingham well, you will not look standing out from the crowd.

Do not visit unknown places alone

If you are not acquainted with the unpopular routes, do not try to explore them alone. You might get into trouble in the areas where there are not so many people around.

Take several friends with you, or travel with a tour with an experienced guide. Make sure not to stay behind your group if you do not want to get lost somewhere.

Do not leave your luggage unattended

Make sure your bag is by your side. If you want to take a backpack – wear it on your chest in the most crowded places.

Do not leave your suitcases in packed places! Always investigate your pockets to make sure everything is in the right place.

Do not make fun of locals

Pay respect to the traditions and the traits of the characters of the local people around you. Be nice and polite, and Birmingham citizens will do the same as well! Do not laugh at the customs. Imagine how you would have felt if your traditions seemed funny to a foreigner.

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