Easy 4-Step Capsule Closet For Winters For 2022

Capsule Closet

Do you spend hours standing in front of your pile of clothes thinking about what to wear? Do you want to wear something comfortable, cozy, and classy at the same time? Or are you just tired of your impulse buying shopaholic habit? This is the right time to turn your cluttered closet into a  capsule one.

The capsule closet, coined by Susie Faux in the 1970s, is a kind of fashion sense that you adapt to express your unique style. Irrespective of any specific color or type of cloth, you can create a capsule closet for any season using selected pieces that you can easily mix and match with each other, creating numerous different outfits that will help you save time and look amazing.

Since winter is here, let’s have a look at some warm pieces that you can add to your winter capsule closet, but remember that’s only a guide and not a hard and fast rule to follow.

Step 1 – The Tops

Since we’ll walk step by step towards a capsule closet so, let’s start with tops.

1. Winter Maxi dress

A printed or solid maxi dress never goes out of style, whether it’s summers or winters. You can style a single maxi dress in many ways, no matter the size, color, or fabric. For example, wearing casual plus size maxi dresses paired with a classy shrug on winter nights is a minimal yet elegant go-to outfit. Moreover, you can pair your maxi dress with a fitted blazer or a denim jacket to give it a sharp edge.

2. Turtle Neck Sweater

A basic colored turtle-neck sweater would be your perfect partner this winter, and you can make multiple outfits out of this single piece. Whether you go with an oversized or fitted one,  that’s up to your comfort level and choice. Whatever color or style you choose, it will definitely keep you warm with minimal effort. 

3. V-Neck Sweater

You can add a balloon-sleeved v-neckpiece or a straight-sleeved one to your wardrobe this winter. It will help you carry yourself with great confidence. Style this sweater with a long skirt, or tuck it in your denim pants. You can even wear this sweater with a blazer.

4. Mock Neck Sweater

Do you want to wear your button-down cotton shirt in chilly winters? Or do you wish to style some cool woolen coat but have nothing to wear underneath?  A mock neck sweater is the best option to add to your capsule wardrobe to style all your impossible ideas. It will not only make you look complete but keep you protected from chilly winds too.

Step 2 – The Bottoms

1. Midi Skirt

A midi skirt on party nights never disappoints. However, that’s not all they’re good for. They even go well with a casual daytime look. The magic is that you can pair your knitted or woolen skirts with anything you want; you just have to get creative. The simplest one is to wear it with a graphic tee with a leather jacket hanging on the shoulders.

2. High Waist Plaid Pants

If you’re bossy and love to rule the show, then plaid pants are made just for you. Winters are mostly all about warmer tones and check prints that you can easily find on trendy plaid trousers or pants. To give yourself a strong look, wear these pants with a leather blazer and a basic colored top underneath. 

3. Leather Jogger Pants

If you have leather pants in your closet, “how to style it” must be a question in your mind. Wear it with a turtle neck sweater, fitted long-sleeved shirt, and the likes. There are many tops that will complement jogger pants. Most importantly, this capsule element is best for saving you from the chilly winds. 

Step 3 – The Shoes

1. Suede Ankle Boots

They say adding black ankle boots to your winter look is essential, but what you can also go for this year is brown, beige, or any similar tone. These boots will rock your everyday or party looks, helping you walk confidently. You can wear them with jeans, wide-leg trousers, and boot-cut pants or even with short skirts.

2. Lace-Up Boots

When talking about the easiest boots to match with outfits, lace-ups take the spotlight. They work with tons of different outfits and go perfect with full dresses as well. You can pair them with jeans, trousers, and leggings for an additional touch of boldness. You can wear them with plain, pattern, textured, or whatever type of leather clothes you love.

3. Heeled Ankle Boots

No matter what season it may be, a capsule closet is just not complete without heels. So, why not add a pair in your winter staples this year? Grab some dark-colored ankle boots that you can style with multiple items from your capsule closet.

Step 4 – The Accessories

You can spice up your everyday winter look with these essentials.

1. Hats

Adding hats to your winter essentials can keep your look up to date. So, add some knitted or slouchy hat, or you can even get a nude beanie. Wear them with your cardigan, overcoat, or even jacket; make sure to combine comfort with style.

2. Scarf

A plaid or knitted scarf is a must-have for this winter. You can hang them around your neck while you wear a thin coat or a long woolen cardigan. This item is necessary to give you a cozy and classy vibe at the same time.

3. Bag

Whether you are attending a meeting or on a girls’ night out, your bag will be there. So, instead of buying a different kind of bag for separate occasions, simply go with a black cross-body bag or an oversized bag that can go with any type of outfit anywhere. Remember to choose a classy one so that it’s easy to fit with several outfits.

There’s not a particular number or rule that you need to follow. Keep your closet simple and tidy; mix and repeat things however you like and rock every event like a queen.

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