Effective teamwork: New Apps for old problems

Effective teamwork: New Apps for old problems

Digital technologies have greatly changed our life. Today we use various online services and shops to order food, sign up for a doctor or consult a lawyer. New technologies gradually penetrate new areas of life. It is not surprising that they also affect the construction of the business. Yes, today it is impossible to develop your project without the use of modern technologies and solutions. And it doesn’t matter if you are the head of a large company or the creator of the young Startup. In any case, you’ll use corporate applications and platforms.

New business tools and digital applications are especially relevant for small businesses and Startups. With their help, you can solve many problems, saving your time and resources. One of these tasks is the organization and optimization of effective teamwork. Today, more and more businesses are moving to remote work. The market of corporate apps is growing rapidly, offering us new solutions. What errors can the leader make when optimizing teamwork? Is it possible to organize an effective team? Let’s answer these questions!

Top 5 errors when organizing teamwork

The construction of any business begins with the organization of teamwork. Let’s put aside planning and market analysis and create a business plan. You must consider several important steps to succeed. However, the organization of teamwork often causes difficulties even among experienced leaders. What errors most often lead to a negative result?

Weak motivation requires an individual approach for each employee. One is ready to work more efficiently for a salary increase, the other is grateful to the leader, and the third strive for career growth. A separate motivation for each team member can be more effective than the uniform KPI for the entire team. In addition, it is more convenient to regulate the goals of both businesses and employees.

Incorrect distribution of tasks

The leader must take into account the skills and professional skills of each employee before assigning tasks. It is impractical to load a leading specialist with easy tasks, even if he does it quickly and better than a novice employee. On the other hand, it is not always possible to entrust only complex projects, therefore the balance is so important. The best solution is to alternate complex and large-scale projects with current simple tasks.

Savings on training

Send employees to all kinds of events related to training, exchanging experience, and gaining new knowledge. If you do not have the resources for it, then organize it yourself. Information and knowledge are extremely important to remain on trend and not lag behind competitors.

Total control

No need to control every action of your subordinates. People need to feel responsible for their work. If the employee understands what he is doing, he becomes more independent and productive.

Lack of trust

Every team member must calmly recognize their mistakes and weaknesses, tell their worries, and not be afraid of condemnation or disapproval. The lack of trust may indicate the lack of hot disputes and discussions of new ideas. Lack of trust reduces the performance of both individual employees and the entire team.

Why is it so important to create an effective team?

A lot depends on the effectiveness of teamwork, including the achievement of the goals! Small business or young Startup does not have much time to develop. Most often, such projects have limited resources for functioning. Therefore, their main task in the first stages is to enter the market to make a stable profit. And the sooner the young project begins to earn money, the higher its chances for growth. The team should work effectively from the first days, otherwise, the creator of the Startup risks failing!

Teamwork requires great effort. It is not at all as obvious as it might seem at the first glance. According to some studies, highly effective employees who work in a team with the same strong colleagues sometimes demonstrate a result below the average. It can happen partly due to the struggle for the championship, which prevents employees from reaching consent. And the second reason is that highly effective specialists are less likely to share information and are less interested in performing the task. Therefore, hiring experienced specialists still does not guarantee you high results!


The best corporate team building apps

Each leader must have the skills and knowledge to organize effective teamwork, otherwise, Startup or Small Business risks quickly closing. Fortunately, today corporate applications and platforms help to cope with many tasks in organizing teamwork. Let’s consider the most popular business tools with millions of active users around the world!

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a popular corporate application from an eminent IT company. A business tool has all the necessary functions for managing the project, including the interaction between employees. Communicate in general/private chat, send files, simultaneously edit documents, and much more! Besides standard functions, there are third-party applications. They improve the corporate tool, taking into account the nuances and requirements of your business. VoIP service, for example, will allow you to use the business phone in a new way. Try Microsoft Teams phone number to communicate with employees and potential customers in real-time, process customer requests, and much more! Microsoft Teams is a powerful solution for businesses of any size!


Slack is a popular cooperative messenger. It gives unlimited opportunities for setting/optimizing teamwork and project management. How is it possible? The business application also supports integration with more than 2000 third-party applications. You can quickly set up a single working space taking into account all the requirements for your Startup. Manage a team, make meetings, process customer requests, and send mass mailings. Do it all using only one app! Slack is an effective and inexpensive (there is a fully-functional free version) application for organizing work processes!

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