Essential Things in a First Aid Kit For Dogs

First Aid Kit For Dogs

Dogs are like young kids. They are naturally curious about everything around them. They would check the latest items that capture their attention or run off to explore the surroundings of a new place. Because of their curiosity, they are at risk of hurting themselves in the process. They may get some bumps or scratches from testing a new object. Worse, they might also be at risk of having digestion problems or food poisoning after ingesting non-food items. 

Because of this, it is always important to keep a dog first aid kit on hand. It will help their fur parents provide immediate relief for any injuries while waiting for proper medical attention from the local veterinarian. The first aid kit must contain different no RX dog supplies and other necessities to treat minor injuries. The first aid kit must contain different no RX dog supplies and other necessities to treat minor injuries. Once you have given your pet temporary relief, it’s time for the unfortunate emergency vet visit, which Bivvy can help with. Why Bivvy? Bivvy is a reliable, affordable, pet insurance that takes some pressure off of caring for you pet, emergency or routine. Here are some of the essential items that pet parents need to include in their doggy’s first aid kit. 

Medical Paperwork

One of the essential items that all pet owners must include in the first aid kit for their dogs is a piece of paper that contains all the crucial information about their furry friend. It is necessary, especially if the dog experienced a medical emergency. If you have the Fetch pet insurance even better. The paper must mention the dog’s date of birth and complete medical history and vaccination records. It must also include the contact information of other people in case the primary carer is not available during the emergency. 

Wound Gels 

Another critical item in a dog’s first aid kit is a wound gel that can clean, heal, and protect a dog’s wound. It is useful for treating non-healing or chronic injuries, cuts, burns. Pet owners must look for gels that contain nourishing oils that can reduce pain and provide relief for malodorous wounds and acute, surgical, and traumatic wounds. 

Antiseptic Creams

There are times when dogs get hurt while trekking outdoors. Because of this, the wounds are susceptible to infection due to the insects that roam around the area. To avoid this, the fur parents must always include a tub of antiseptic cream to heal and protect wounds and repel flies to prevent further skin damages. Aside from accident-related injuries, these insect-repelling antiseptic creams are also ideal for wounds that are prone to irritation like dogs’ ear infections. 

Comfort Item

Pain and injury are highly stressful for dogs, so it is necessary to include something to keep them calm in the doggy’s first aid kit. It could be anything from their favourite rope toys, treat-expelling toys, or chewable toys. These items would help the dog feel better and reassure them that they will get well soon. You may include other sources of comfort in your dog’s first aid kit: cozy blankets, small pillows, or the favourite shirt of their fur parents. 

Other necessary items that must be part of the first aid kit for dogs include sets of gauze pads, tape, scissors, and rubber gloves. It must also have over-the-counter vet medicines like anti-tick and flea ointments, antacids for tummy aches, dewormer, and supplements for joint pains for senior dogs. Dog owners must only make sure that all no RX dog supplies and medications are not past their expiration date to make sure that they will cure the dogs and not cause further health problems. Once these items are complete, the fur parents must place it in a secure container and keep it in a safe place that anyone can easily access during emergencies. (provigil)

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