Factors to consider before investing in acrylic signs to make sure you make the right decision.

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Here are some Factors to consider before investing in acrylic signs to make sure you make the right decision:

  1. Ensure you have the acrylic signs supplier or manufacturer’s contact information in case something goes wrong.
  2. Make sure the acrylic signs are made out of high quality acrylic, not cheap acrylic or acrylic that is too thin and might break easily.
  3. If you need a two-sided acrylic sign, ensure they will look identical on both sides with no reflection from one side to another when viewed at an angle. No visible seams either so it looks like one solid piece of acrylic instead of two individual panels which were glued together and then cut separately with a fiber laser cutter for your specific design and size you ordered. Some companies will only print the front surface of your design leaving a white/blank background on the back of your acrylic sign.
  4. If you are ordering an acrylic sign with writing on it, make sure there is enough space between each line of text so that there is no overlapping or running into each other when printed out. Also make sure you will be able to read what’s written on the front side of the acrylic sign before they print it, assuming you are using one color for your design/text. Most acrylic sign companies will not tell you if this is possible until after they have already started printing out your custom acrylic signs since most companies want to keep costs as low as possible for their customers by only opting to use one ink color throughout their entire order instead of multiple colors which would increase their production costs per design.
  5. Make sure you know how acrylic signs are printed, what materials acrylic sign companies use to print your acrylic sign (powder coated aluminum, clear or mirrored acrylic sheet material, etc.) and all of the finishing options available for your acrylic sign. If you want extra protection on your acrylic sign so it can handle more wear and tear outside/inside your business then acrylic signs with powder coating is probably not a good option. You will receive an acrylic sign that looks like brushed metal but cannot withstand direct harsh weather conditions without some sort of protective covering/layers of clear varnish which would be applied by hand after they cut out your custom design using their laser cutter machines.

An acrylic sign from a printer is a more expensive option than a DIY acrylic sign. 

Make sure you consider the location of your acrylic sign, its purpose and whether acrylic signage is right for it before coming to a decision.


1) Location – Where will your acrylic sign be placed?

An acrylic sign installed outside in direct sunlight has many factors to take into consideration regarding glare, temperature and cleaning. This means there are added costs involved in an outdoor acrylic sign installation such as UV resistant inks, special coatings to protect them from scratches when cleaning (using abrasive cleaners can cause cracks), etc… So when thinking about whether to make your acrylic signs or get them printed out think about where they will be displayed because there are different requirements for acrylic signage to be successful in an indoor environment compared to an outdoor one. 

2) Purpose – what do you want acrylic signage for?

Acrylic signs are used for many different reasons. If your acrylic sign is meant to help guide customers around a shopping center, chances are the acrylic signs will stay up for a while so you’ll probably get your money’s worth from making acrylic signage yourself. But if your acrylic signs need to have important information changed frequently, it might be better to have them printed out instead since it can become costly and time consuming if it has to be done a lot. Or maybe acrylic letters just aren’t practical because of where they’re going or their purpose? Think about all these things before deciding whether acrylic lettering is right for your acrylic signage.

3) Acrylic signage needs to be maintained

Just like any other form of acrylic signs, acrylic lettering also has to be maintained properly otherwise it can become an eye sore rather quickly. If acrylic signage isn’t cleaned regularly it may mean you’ll have to replace acrylic letters sooner than expected, which will cost more money. So before investing in acrylic sign making think about how often the acrylic sign will need cleaning and whether there are any maintenance requirements you’re aware of that you’d have to meet otherwise that could affect your decision. 

An acrylic sign from a printer might seem costly at first but once you factor in the costs of the materials needed for acrylic lettering, paying someone else to install them, maintain them and the amount of time taken to make acrylic signs, getting acrylic signs printed out is often much more cost effective.


For acrylic lettering to be a success it should be installed properly so it’s important you think about all these factors before creating acrylic signage or contacting a sign maker.

An acrylic sign from a printer is an affordable, practical and easy solution for acrylic signs because of the time and energy they save (no assembly required), how quickly you can get them done (even with rush orders) and most importantly how cheap acrylic signs are compared to other forms of acrylic signage.

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