Top 8 Free Live Sports Streaming Sites

free live sports streaming sites

What is better than taking a quick break at work to check the score of your favorite sport? This wasn’t possible even a few years when the only source of watching sports was our TV screens. Cut to 2019, everything has gone digital and now we have free live sports streaming sites to catch up with our favorite match online.

If you’re still not aware of what these are or you’re looking for the best free live sports streaming sites, we have you covered! Here we are going to share how you can watch your favorite sports anytime and anywhere with a steady connection.

Best free live sports streaming sites in 2019

Don’t wait for the time when there is a new match series and spend time looking for the site to watch it from. While most sites need you to pay, there are a few that lets you catch up with the best of world sports for free. ( Check out the streaming sites you must try out right away:

1. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is the biggest and most preferred of all the free live sports streaming sites in 2019. Name a sport and you will find it on this site. When you open the website, you will find the number of matches available on the homepage itself. You can just click on the one you want to watch and see it live.

You get every tiny detail like the name of the sport, the team players, and so on. The content available on this site is HD. It is by far the best live streaming website to watch football. The site survives and lets you use it for free due to advertisements. You will have to unblock Adblock before you access this site. You can not only watch sports live but also download a match and watch it when you want to!

2. FromHot

FromHot is another free streaming site for sports that gives you access to hockey, basketball, baseball, tennis, motorsports, football, and golf matches. The user interface of FromHot is smooth and responsive. The homepage helps you stream live and you can access it quickly. You don’t have to pay a penny for this service and it is quite a delight compared to the efficiency it offers.

3. WatchESPN

If you love sports, you will definitely know the channel ESPN. Well, they have also gone digital now and offers a free live sports site. The site is maintained by the official channel. It has a remarkable user interface and gives you a premium service. If you are mostly into US sports, you will definitely want to stream WatchESPN.

It is one of the best streaming sites for American football and doesn’t pop up annoying advertisements during a crucial stage! You can download the app from WatchESPN in your iOS and Android devices to stream live sports anytime and anywhere.

4. Fox Sports GO

People from the US need no introduction to Fox Sports Go. It is one of the most-used free sports streaming sites that offer you a premium tier. If you have cable or other streaming plans, you get this premium offer for free.

The site is known for original programming but also offers National Hockey League games, National Basketball Association games, and free broadcast of Super Bowl games played earlier. You can find almost any type of sport which you can replay or stream live. The best part about this site is that it lets you access it from different types of digital platforms. (Viagra)

5. VIP league

Although the name might sound premium and pricy, it comes free of cost like the others on this list. It is one of the most convenient free live sports streaming sites out there. But it is blocked by a few countries. If it is blocked in yours and you still want to access it, you need to bypass it by using free VPN service.

Unlike other sport streaming sites, this one allows you to change themes. Thus, if you want changes in the user interface, you can go with what you like best. Most people use VIP League to watch baseball, basketball, and football.

6. Loala1

The name Loala1 might seem queer for a site that stream to watch sport for free, but it is doing pretty well. The site offers table tennis, hockey, volleyball, and more sports in HD. There is a constant bar on the site to give you all the details of the match you’re watching and sports events happening around the world. The site is also known for a modern user interface that doesn’t complicate your experience at all.

7. Reddit

Reddit is an ideal platform when you need to find interesting content about the best sports at a global level. It doesn’t stream sports live, but we had to add this to the list as you get links from this website to watch live sports for free!

Reddit allows you to create different communities where you talk about your interests in sports. Here, you can make friends, interact with people, know more about what you love, and so on.

8. Hotstar

Hotstar, owned by Star Indian Network, is a major sports streaming website. It lets you watch matches over different leagues all across the globe. The site is popular among Asian countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and of course India.

You can watch tennis, golf, football, badminton, formula 1, kabaddi, and cricket on Hotstar. It lets you live streaming sports without having to sign up. It has a lot of ads that you can stop if you subscribe with a nominal fee.

Hotstar is not just a sports streaming site but also lets you watch TV shows, news and much more. It is available on both Android and iOS devices for a complete experience.

Final thoughts

You need to choose the best free live sport streaming sites depending on your interests and geographic location. There are many more sites like BossChat, Time4TV, Now TV, Facebook Watch, Hulu, Kodi, and so on. You just need to check if sports is all you want or you want more entertainment and have access to sites that give you the best of both!

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