Fun activities to do with your family on weekends

Fun activities to do with your family on weekends

Kids look up to weekends because that’s the time they can totally get their parents with themselves. Working individuals often have a problem being with their children throughout the week and there are constant pressures in everyone’s life. The best way to unwind and bond with kids is during the weekends and to make it exciting, you can plan ahead of time.

If you have been going to the movies too often or staying at home and watching something entertaining, it can get monotonous. You should try and choose an option where activities are fun and helps you bond with each other better. These activities make you interact, ask questions, makes way to resolve them, and so on.

Interactive activities to try with your family

Check out some cool weekend plans to try with your family to spend quality time and learn something new:

  1. Plant something

If you have a garden or have access to a nearby place where you can plant a tree, you must use it. You can plant flowers, bush beans, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini or even sow seeds for a mango tree. The best option to choose is the one-by-two-foot self-watering planter or a family member can take up the watering job. The best way to make kids eat vegetables they don’t like is to make them sow it. It will bring in a sense of awareness and likeliness towards the vegetable.

  1. Four square tournament

Head out to a park with a large rubber ball and at least four members to play this game. Draw a 12”x12” square and divide the sections as A, B, C, D. One player needs to stand in each of the squares. Player A starts bouncing the ball within his square and then throws it to another square. That person has to hit it towards another square. If anyone misses or hits out of the boundary, he moves to D and the players behind him take a step ahead.

  1. Try exotic food

You’ve definitely tried exotic cuisines but have your children tried them too? How about taking your kids for a sushi night or finding out how they’d like Mughlai? If you want a double blast, you can pick any of the activities from the list and head towards an exotic dinner at a restaurant. If not, you can try to cook an exotic recipe at home and see what it takes. Ask your kids to help out while shopping for the ingredients and make it an interactive affair of cooking and tasting.

  1. Get them involved in household chores

Every weekend you might not want to step out of the house. You might not feel well or excited enough to try something new. You can simply ask your kids to help you out within the house and let them do new things. Involve them in buying grocery on their own or make them do the dishes. Let them take significant roles to help them understand more about how we function.

  1. Volunteer

Youngsters must know the need and importance of volunteering to contribute to the community. Suppose there is going to be an art exhibition in your city and the organizers are looking for young volunteers. Let your children be a part of such an event where they can learn and help others get creative.

If there is a blood donation camp set up near your house, you can tie up with them and see if they need help. They’d be glad to have more people helping them out. You can encourage your kids to go door to door and ask people to donate blood. Volunteering for a good cause helps them have a better understanding of life.

  1. Picnic by the beach

Head to the nearest beach to enjoy an afternoon as you picnic with your family and create great memories. You can take canoes and kayaks on rent for an hour and set sail. Pack lunch from home or grab seafood at the beach. Let your children make sand castles and help them keep it upright till the waves hit them all.

  1. Plan weekend getaways

If you have a car and you can spare a 2-day trip, try stepping out of your vicinity. Your kids literally have limited access to new places and only go from school to tuition to a supermarket. Even if you take them half an hour away from the main city, they might see a different place.

Take your car and head to a town that locates nearby. Spend a day away from the crowds and explore places to see or find things to do in that area. Long drives itself give you a refreshing experience so that too is quite a fun experience.

  1. Get crafty

Another great activity that you can do indoors is craft. You can involve yourself in making origami and teach your children how to use craft paper to create different things. You can also pick bottles, vases, and mugs to color them in an interesting way. Many times, schools give art and craft homework for children and then need to use polystyrene to make objects. You can help them out over the weekend and create something interesting.

Final thoughts

There are endless things that you can do with your children and all you need to give is time. Don’t miss out on playing with them and use the toys that they have. Children often feel lonely to play by themselves and look for people to be with them.

You can also ask your child what interests them and they might come up with activities not listed out here. Try those out because your child’s heart might be attracted to that activity. Finally, help your child spend at least one hour every day in some form of sport or exercise. It can be swimming, playing badminton, or simply running around with the kids in the neighborhood. It is essential to keep them active and you can also involve them when you exercise.

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