Google Pixel Buds Price in the United States Features, Specs, Availability

Google Pixel Buds Price in the United States Features, Specs, Availability

Are you tired of the same old headphones and earbuds? Do not worry; we’ve got you covered here. Try Buying the Google Pixel Buds. Here, we will tell you about the Google Pixel Buds Prices in the United States. The buds are now available in the United States. You may see many other brands offering the same product in the same shape and style at lower prices but the difference is that the quality of those brands has been lowered to a great extent in order to make the price low.

But Google has kept its prices moderate in order to provide the users with the best quality products. Here we are going to tell you more about the features, specs as well as most important of all the price of these air buds. So, let’s begin our discussion, and let me tell you about the price of this device first. The price at which you will see Google Pixel Buds selling in the market these days at the official outlets of the company, as well as the different authorized dealers to whom the company supplies these products for sale, is listed below:

Google Pixel Buds Price in the United States:

The latest price of the Google Pixel Buds in the United States is $92.97. At this price, you can enjoy the best audio quality as well as other amazing features such as noise cancellation and much more that will increase the sound performance of your phone or any other device with which you are using this device.

Google Pixel Buds Price in the United States

Here, along with the quality of the sound, the company has also worked a lot on the durability as well as the shape and design of this device so that the users who buy this product do not feel outdated. I must say it is one of the best devices that Google has launched in the United States, not only due to its quality but also due to its price; the company, this time, has taken care of its buyers by reducing the price of this device to a great extent.

Google Pixel Buds Features:

The features due to which this device has become popular and taken the place of many devices being used in the country these days are as follows:

  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Durable Body
  • Quick Charging Time

These are all the features that Google has added to the device to make this device more adaptable to use in the country as well as the areas where the company is exporting this device. With these features, the device is compatible with laptops, tablets, as well as different cellular devices having Bluetooth connectivity. To enjoy the features of this device to the maximum make sure to get it charged fully so that you may have to face discrepancies while listening or watching something.

Google Pixel Buds Charging Time:

If you want your earbuds to get charged to the maximum level, then all you have to do is put them in the case for almost an hour and then enjoy the performance. Moreover, if you are in a hurry and do not find much time to charge your device, then no need to worry. Just put your earbuds in the charging case for only fifteen minutes and keep using it for almost 3 hours without any hassle of getting it charged again.

Google Pixel Buds Specifications:

The specifications of these earbuds are listed in the table below:

Colors Black, blue, green, or red
Active noise cancellation Yes
Transparency mode Yes
Spatial audio with head tracking Later in 2022
Battery Up to 11 hours of listening time, up to 7 hours with Active Noise Cancellation turned on, 31 hours with case without ANC
Google Assistant support Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Multipoint connectivity Yes
Water resistance certification (earbuds) IPX4 water resistance
Water resistance certification (charging case) IPX2 water resistance
Microphones Three microphones in each earbud
Speakers Custom-designed 11 mm dynamic speaker driver
Earbud size 22.33 x 22.03 x 23.72 mm
Case size 25 x 50 x 63.2 mm
Earbud weight 6.2g
Case weight 62.4g with earbuds
Wireless charging Yes

These are all the specifications that the company has used to assemble these outclass earbuds. With all these specifications, the company’s earbuds are already making great sales, and the users are having an outclass experience.

Google Pixel Buds Availability in the United States:

This device, due to great demand, is easily available at different stores dealing in tech devices all over the county. Moreover, you can also buy this device from any of the outlets of the company in your town or city. In addition, if you are too busy in your routine and do not find much time to visit the outlets of the company or the stores dealing in these devices then no need to worry as you can also order this device online.

Just make sure that the website you use to order this device is trusted. For this, you may check the reviews of the product on that website. Then, it will be clear to you whether the website is authentic or not. Buying this device from a source other than the official website or official store of the company is not preferred unless it is trusted. This was all about Google Pixel Buds Prices in the United States.

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