Hannah Waddingham Husband

Hannah Waddingham Husband

Hannah Waddingham Husband: Hannah Waddingham is a famous English actor renowned for her role in “Game of Thrones.” She has developed a very strong fanbase till now. Hannah Waddingham husband is the question that has been asked by every fan following her on the internet, and people want to know more about the star’s private life. Since she is one of the industry’s prominent names, she has played some extremely successful roles in several series such as Ted Lasso, Sex Education, Winter Ridge, and many more. Her role as Rebecca Welton in the show Ted Lasso gained her extreme popularity and took her to her career. She was also awarded the Critic Choice Award for playing this character in 2021.

The star was born in Wandsworth. She completed her graduate studies at one of the most renowned institutes named the Academy of Live and recorded arts. Hannah did not limit herself to backstage life. Since her graduation, she has been playing in front of the audience on the stage. She developed a successful career in the London Theatre and became known for her explicit works. Later on, she moved on to the silver screen roles and also established herself in this field. Now she is a known figure in the industry, plus her successful roles have made her a fortune.

Hannah Waddingham Personal life and husband related details

Before diving into the star’s personal life, we must know that she has a successful career, but many people think that her personal and love life is more complex than most celebrities. But this is not real at all. Her love life is also as perfect as he professional life. Although even after 46 years of her life, she is still unmarried and has no relationship status still she is a committed person in a happy relationship. The lucky guy she has been in a relationship with is Gianluca Cugnetto. Although many people have known this couple in recent times, this is not the whole story. Both of them have been in a relationship for more than a decade.

Personal life and husband related details

Hannah has dealt with the situation perfectly since she is all about her career. Therefore, she had never let any such detail slip out to make her career difficult. Although there is not much information regarding the fact how both met and established their relationship with each other according to the sources, the period of this relation has been extended to more than ten years, and one of the most important facts is that both have a daughter of nearly six years in age. Although both names love their daughter very much once, the star told the public that the news of the pregnancy came as a surprise for her since she was not expecting such a piece of information in the concerned times. She was also experiencing some reproductive difficulties.

Any wedding news

Although the fans would love to know about the wedding of our famous star, this is not the case at all because Hannah and Gianluca have been in a relationship with a status of live-in. They have not yet changed it. Therefore, they have not shared any news regarding weddings with the public, and they do not have any such plans.

The partner of Hannah Waddingham

Gianluca Cusnetto is one of the most experienced Italian hotel managers. He has a career with flourishing marks and has been working for some of the biggest hotels in the world and for some successful business firms. Gianluca is known to be a perfect hotel manager, and he has made a mark for himself in the financial world. He works as a hotel manager of Hotel Du Vin. Plus, he also has a background in restaurateurs. If we talk about his financial strength, then his net worth is told to exceed the limits of $2 million. This is extremely astonishing, and the couple does not hesitate to share their love life with the public. Recently our famous star uploaded a photo that had all the three family members celebrating Father’s Day.

Breakup rumors

Although the love life of the couple was thought to be perfect in all sorts, recently there have been some rumors that both the members have gone their different ways. Also, it was said that they are not in a relationship anymore. Since such news turns out to be fake, therefore a source of information must be thoroughly checked. The news says that it happened several years ago. Since she is extremely conscious about her personal life and does not allow any news to slip out, therefore, this news might not have made it to the public. Also, some of her public statements also point in this direction.

Once she publicly declared that she could not make it in time for her daughter because of her busy professional life. This might be an indication of a breakup between the couples. Also, she mentioned on another platform that she sacrificed her career for a person in the past and thought that they were best away from each other. These statements might also point towards Gianluca Cugnetto. But still, there is not a confirmation in open words from both partners. The status of their relationship is unknown. The fans and admirers all over the world are patiently waiting for any news in this regard.


The extraordinary work of Hannah has taken all of us back. We are always happy to see her perform. But we also wish for her to have the best life in the real world. Therefore, the fans are always in search of the news regarding the private life of the star. We all wish her good luck in the future.

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