Harlan Umbrella Academy

Harlan Umbrella Academy


Do you love watching tv series because if that is the case, you will surely want to know more about the character Harlan Umbrella Academy brought forward? If we look at the available details, we will come to know that the general public always loves a character that the actors perform well.

Similarly, Harlan Cooper is a name that must not be forgotten at any cost. It is not the character that the people love. The general public loves the stories attached to these people. They want to learn more about the character in question. In order to do so, they do not limit themselves. They do not leave any stone unturned to get the desired information. In this article, you will get to know who Harlan Cooper is.

Harlan Umbrella Academy

Recently the streaming platforms have been making quite some noise. If we look, the name Netflix has been ringing quite some bells. This forces you to take a look at their productions. The available information tells us that the umbrella academy is one of the best tv series produced by Netflix. The plot of the series is quite exciting.

Who is Harlan Cooper

Harlan Cooper is the name of one of the major characters from the series. Now you might be wondering about him. So let us walk you through his personality. The information tells us that Harlan Cooper was a non-verbal child. This was not the only name by which he was known among the public. In fact, he also goes by the pseudonym Lester Pocket. Since he had a disorder, it brought him closer to Vanya Hargreaves.

Harlan, the killing machine

You might get excited to know that the Sparrow Academy timeline was created by none other than the famous Harlan Cooper. Also, the Godfather paradox was initiated, giving rise to Kugelblitz. Harlan Cooper killed 27 of the mothers of the 43 children that were born at the same time. He also killed the team’s parents of The Umbrella Academy before they were even born.

You can not decide whom to take on

Also, if we talk about the return of Harlan Cooper, then we will learn that he did not come as the old Harlan Cooper. The newest version of him had sustainable control over his feelings, and even though he could not talk in the past, now he could speak fluently.

The important information 

The aliases of the character

There are some major details regarding the character of Harlan Cooper that you should not miss. Thus, if we take you through the available information, you will learn that Harlan Cooper has used different aliases throughout the show. Some of them are mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Creepy Grandpa
  • Lester Pocket
  • Superman’s Grandpa
  • Scary-ass grandpa
  • Murder Troll.

The names related to Harlan

The family information

To get a good look at what is happening around you will surely like to take a grasp of the events. Thus if we take a look, then we will learn that Harlan Cooper had a few relatives that must be known if you want to understand his character in a better manner. First of all, if we talk about the parents of the famed individual, then their names are Carl Cooper and Sissy Cooper. Although the public is wondering about the other details, the only other name we have right now belongs to his uncle Jerry Cooper.

The birth profile

Harlan Cooper was born before 1963, according to the plot of the series. Also, if we look at the relationship status, Harlan Cooper is a single person. Now, if we move on to the place of birth of the famed Harlan Cooper, it would be presumable Dallas, Texas, USA.

The deaths of Harlan Cooper

Many people are wondering about the date of death of the famous Harlan Cooper. Thus, if we look, the information tells us that the date of death differs with the change in timelines. The Sparrow timeline resurrected shows that Harlan Cooper died on November 19, 1963. On the other hand, if we talk about the Sparrow timeline, his death was conducted in April or May of 2019. Also, if we talk about the place of death, he presumably died in Dallas, Texas, USA.

The deaths of Harlan Cooper

The powers of Harlan

If we talk about the information regarding the character, then the public would do anything to learn more about the powers of the famous Harlan Cooper. Thus if we take you through the available information, then we will come to know that Harlan Cooper could manipulate sound, along with sound absorption, sound projection, matter manipulation, force-filled manipulation, concussive forces, shapeshifting, energy absorption, energy manipulation, telekinesis, autokinesis, invisibility, and telepathic link.

The actors playing the characters

Since the character was widespread, therefore, in different ages, the character was played by three different actors, although the name of one of them is unknown. But the child role of Harlan Cooper was played by none other than the famous Justin Paul Kelly. Also, if we talk about the elder version of Harlan Cooper, it was played by Callum Keith.

The actors playing the characters

The appearance on screen

You might be wondering about the appearance of the character on the screen. Now, this is some important detail that you should not miss. Because according to the available information, Harlan Cooper showed up in the show for the first time in the second season. The episode in which he showed up was titled “Right back where we started”. Later on, we can also trace his presence in the third season of the tv series, where he entered the episode titled “meet the family” as Lester Pocket.

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The character of Harlan Umbrella Academy introduced is quite a powerful one. Especially the list of his powers tells us he is not a person to mess with. He was last seen in season three of the series, so we hope that we will also watch him in future productions.

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