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Diet Food

Let’s admit the fact that veggies like bottle gourd and broccoli are not the tastiest of food options. When we think about diet food, we get taken aback because we feel that our meals will become bland. We usually don’t consider veggies like spinach and carrots that do bring in good taste and health. This makes us keep away from dieting.

Tasty food seems like a sinful pleasure which a lot of us are unable to resist. Most of us go to restaurants or order food online to suffice sudden cravings. One common mistake we make with food habits is thinking that diet food is not tasty. This makes us take resort to unhealthy food that slowly deteriorate our health. Here, we will tell you the tasty food options that you can add to your diet to make it interesting.

Diet food chart that has tasty treats

A lot of people suffer from diseases due to consistent poor diet. We need to add healthy food to our diet even if we only choose the tasty options. Check out the diet food list for tasty treats:

1. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are refreshing, tasty, and are natural weight loss foods. They contain Vitamin C and citric acid which are both good for health. Citrus fruits also help in maintaining the osmotic balance of the body when consumed during the summers. Citrus fruits are rich in antioxidants and come with several nutrients that keep us healthy. You can have orange juice or squeeze lemon on your salad – these citrus blessings really add lots of goodness to your body!

2. Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables like lettuce and cabbage are nutritious when we consumed raw. They are used in salads and sandwiches regularly due to their good taste and nutritious properties. Leafy green vegetables have a host of vitamins and minerals in them which are essential for the human body. These are mandatory for your diet food plan.

3. Fish

Fish is highly proteinaceous and hence a really healthy food item. From the goodness of omega-3 fatty acids to the lovely seafood recipes, there are endless reasons to love fish. Apart from proteins fish is also rich in a host of micronutrients. Fish helps in maintaining good hair and skin quality.

4. Chicken

Chicken is an extremely rich source of protein. Every meat eater who hits the gym and tries to develop muscles usually consumes lots of chicken. (Zolpidem) The proteins present in the chicken are good for muscle hypertrophy and is a must addition to your balanced diet food list. Chicken is a great source of fiber, so it deserves lots of importance.

5. Granola

Granola is a tasty and healthy breakfast option. It doesn’t have a lot of nutrition but it contains a lot of healthy fibers. This healthy fiber is really good if you are dieting or trying to lose weight. Fiber fills up your stomach without contributing calories to your diet.

There are various brands of granola available in the market that don’t just differ in packaging but also price and flavor. Granola bars are common for people who need snacks on the go.

6. Oats

Oats have long been regarded as a healthy breakfast option due to their rich fiber content. It great for the digestive system and have high nutritional benefits. It also contributes lesser calories per serving as compared to other breakfast options. You must check different ways to use oats to make the most of it.

7. Eggs

Eggs give you the protein boost like none other. If you are someone who performs a lot of physical work then you should definitely choose eating eggs for breakfast. Eggs have a high protein content and they also have a good amount of cholesterol which the body needs in limited amounts.

8. Carrots

No matter what your age or occupation is, you must make carrots a part of your diet. This is because carrots have carotene in them which is a precursor for Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is an extremely important micronutrient and having a deficiency can lead to night blindness. Vitamin A is also important for producing Retinol which is an eye pigment. There is more to carrots that just eye benefits, but let’s not forget the taste it adds to salads.

9. Pulses

Pulses or lentils are an important vegetarian source of protein for your diet food plans. If you are a vegetarian then you must definitely make pulses a part of your diet. Pulses provide a host of micronutrients and vegans swear by the benefits of pulses for weight loss.

10. Nuts

Whenever you feel like snacking, opt for munching on nuts rather than biscuits or other fried snacks. Nuts are healthy and also rich in starch and fats. This makes them a healthy source of energy and micronutrients. You can eat healthy nuts like walnuts and cashew nuts at any time of the day without worrying about their nutritional value.

11. Soup

A good non-calorific method of filling up your stomach is consuming soup. Soup has much lesser carbohydrates and fats but still fills up your stomach. You can replace meals with soup in order to lose weight and maintain your calorific intake. Soup also provides a good amount of hydration to the body.

12. Watermelon

Watermelon is full of water and hence one of the best fruits to have during the summer. It fills up your stomach but doesn’t have much calorific value. If you are trying to lose weight then you must add this tasty treat to your diet. It makes the perfect midday snack.

13. Curd

Curd is a good probiotic food item that has healthy bacteria. It gives you hydration and keeps you slim. Curd has a good amount of proteins and Vitamin C. You can easily add it to your lunchtime meal.

Final thoughts

Eating diet food doesn’t mean you need to compromise on taste. By consuming the food products listed in this article, you can eat healthy without compromising with the taste. These food items are present in a host of concoctions present in the market. You yourself can make various dishes using the food items to satiate both your nutritional and taste needs.

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