Home Enhancement: The Do’s And Don’t Do’s Of Total Renovation


Making the decision to enhance your home is an exciting prospect, but if you’re talking total renovation over some new home décor ideas, then it is certainly not without its risks. Even if you feel you are a master at home design and DIY, there are plenty of pitfalls that are just waiting to engulf you. In this way, you should ensure that your ladder is well in-place and secure enough to avoid a tumble. 

With just a little research and planning, you can make sure that your home enhancement project can avoid any pitfalls. That is not to say you can’t have a little bit of fun in the process. On the contrary, renovating a home should be an enjoyable and invigorating experience. But in order to keep it lighthearted and meet the full potential of what you are trying to achieve, you should ensure that you treat the project with the respect and consideration it deserves. 

Do: Question Your Budget

Home renovation is a balancing act between “do’s” and “don’t do’s”. With this in mind, the process of questioning your budget is one of the most important “do’s” on this side of the scale. Whether you are renovating a kitchen, a lounge, or the whole property; it can be very easy to form a few ideas about your renovation project and just go for it. After all, we all want to take as few steps as possible to get to our goal, but this is not a feasible option when it comes to a successful renovation. 

If you have recently moved into a property, it is important to ask yourself questions about your current financial position and potential budget issues. For instance, what does homeowners insurance cover? Can you claim insurance if there is any unforeseen damage? Is your own budget prepared for what’s ahead? This way, you can know exactly where you are at and what you should plan for.

Do: Question Your Abilities

As well as this, you need to ask yourself questions about the property and your own DIY abilities. For instance, if you are renovating an older property, then it is crucial that you check whether or not it is a listed building, as this could limit the renovations that you are planning to undertake. In terms of your budget, it is also important to examine the pre-existing quality of the property you’re renovating. Older buildings may need particularly expensive structural work, which you will then have to factor into your budget. 

You should also make sure that you are not assessing all of this by yourself. If you are not familiar with building types and renovations, then don’t take the role of the expert. It is far more worthwhile to hire some experienced builders who can flag any structural deficiencies, as well as hidden defects and dangers which may cause an issue down the line.   

Don’t: Hire Cheap

Just as questioning your budget is the most important “do”, hiring cheap is the ultimate “don’t”. It can be very tempting to hire cheap builders in order to cut costs and spend more on other areas of the renovation, but this will only cause you more trouble down the road. After all, there is probably a reason why a builder’s costs are so cheap. Perhaps the services they provide are not up to standard. Perhaps they have forgotten something when giving you a quote. Or maybe they don’t understand how big the renovation is going to be. 

Either way, you are risking a poor job or even a walk-out halfway through the project, which will be a serious hindrance to your renovation success. Instead, if the financial side of things is a point of stress, you should attempt to hire a mid-range builder who you can trust with your home. While it may seem like the more expensive option now, it will actually end up cheaper in the long run, as you won’t have any work being skimped to recoup losses. 

Don’t: Divert Necessary Attention

As well as this, it is important not to spend large portions of your budget on any unnecessary projects. A lot of renovators can get caught up with the imagined vision of the final results, which can take their attention off the more integral ‘unseen’ parts of the job. These are often the most important areas of renovation, and they deserve a substantial amount of your time and budget. 

Once again, you don’t want to be left out of pocket by the time the renovation is over, so allowing the builders to direct you to the most important parts of the rebuild is essential to finish with the perfect house and keep a wallet which still has a bit of weight to it.

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