How do I find the right social media influencer?

How do I find the right social media influencer?

A social media influencer can give you a breakthrough in marketing and selling your products. But this can only be true if you choose the fit for your business. The truth is—not all influencers will give you success—others might break your business. 

So, how do you choose the right influencer? 

This article will share the top factors to consider before settling on any social media influencer. 

The most critical part of marketing is understanding your products and the people you’re selling to. These two things will determine everything else that you do. 

So, begin by first researching your prospects. Know their desires, wants, and needs. Find out their deepest worries, fears, frustrations, and everything that keeps them awake at midnight. 

Study their demographics. Walk the extra mile and find where they spend most of their time online. 

All this information will help you identify a social media influencer who can communicate with your prospects. 

  • Social Media Influencer Audience 

You don’t go to a carpenter when you have a toothache. A dentist will do the job. And the same should be the case with social media influencers. 

When choosing an influencer, don’t just look at his numbers. Pick an influencer with quality numbers. This means that the target audience of your influencer is your prospects. 

For instance, if you’re selling golf products, going to Tiger Woods as an influencer will be more effective than going to a musician with a billion followers. 

This is because your prospects respect influencers in their specific niche. And they will be easily persuaded by them when they recommend or market goods in areas that they specialize in. 

  • Influencer’s Reputation 

We recently saw Adidas and most other top brands working with Kanye West drop his sponsorship when he became controversial. This is because these brands understand that influencers’ reputation affects their reputation. 

And this is a great lesson you should never forget. Avoid controversial social media influencers. Choose influencers who share common beliefs with your brand. 

Also, keep monitoring their market reputation. When their behaviour or actions are questionable, don’t hesitate to drop them early enough. This is because they can take your business down with them. 

  • Reach and Engagement Rates 

Now that you have chosen an influencer with the right audience and reputation, what next? Marketing is a game of numbers. At this point, you might have different influencers in mind. But it’s advisable to go with those with the highest reach. If an influencer has many followers, it’s a plus for you. 

But the number of followers is not the end. You must consider his engagement rates. The influencer might have 100K followers on social media. But when they post anything, no one engages them. And that’s not an influencer you might want to work with. 

So, check their followers and their engagement rates when they post anything. 

  • Reliability 

You will be working together with the influencer to market your products. And that means your relationship should be good. A good influencer should be available on call or by email when needed. You don’t have to pick an influencer who makes the working relationship hard. If, for instance, you have to pass through a chain of commands before reaching them, it might not be worth it. There is no issue with a chain of communication. The most important thing is to ensure work is done properly when you need it to be done. You’re the boss.

Parting Shot 

The choice of social media influencer can make or break you. You should consider all the above factors before settling with any influencer. And if you’re not sure where to start, will help you get the best social media influencer for your business. 

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