How Do You Surrender a Timeshare?


Those who are only marginally familiar with the concept of a timeshare might find it very interesting. In fact, even after gaining some knowledge about timeshare agreements, many people buy a timeshare, thinking that they will enjoy the vacations at competitive prices. Those who want some kind of compulsive force or push perceive timeshare agreements to be a perfect choice as money paid in advance will act as a factor forcing them to take a break from routine life to enjoy a vacation.

But a large percentage of timeshare buyers regret their decision within a short period of making the payment and signing the contract. From that point, they either live with this regret or try all the possible ways to get out of the contract. The trend of getting out of timeshare contracts has seen a tremendous rise after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fact that a huge number of people search for HICV timeshare cancellations on the Internet is proof that just buyers of other timeshare resort companies, buyers of HICV, i.e., Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare resort company, also want to get rid of their timeshare rights.

However, the procedure and formalities required to surrender a timeshare are quite complicated. Once customers sign the contract, they become bound to pay annual maintenance fees. They have to comply with all the necessary rules and regulations. They might even have to pay charges for special assessments (i.e., significant expenses incurred by the timeshare resort owner to repair damages caused by calamities like a flood).

So, customers end up getting confused after researching. Some of them even take unexpected steps like stopping paying annual maintenance fees. In order to avoid legal formalities and fees, they don’t get out of the contract legally. Instead, they stop communicating with the staff of the resort company.

What is HICV and Why Consumers Complain About It?

HICV, the short-form of Holiday Inn Club Vacations, is a business that has been established as a joint venture between IHG (i.e., Intercontinental Hotel Group PLC) and Orange Lake Resorts. The latter business (Orange Lake Resorts) was established by Kemmons Wilson when he retired in 1982 after managing Holiday Inn, another hotel founded by him (Holiday Inn) in 1952.

The purpose behind forming Holiday Inn Club Vacations was to enter the timeshare industry. As you can guess, this timeshare company has a large number of resorts in its network. So, it can provide more freedom of choice to its customers, i.e., people who want to purchase a timeshare. In the year 2015, Orange Lake Resorts purchased Silverleaf Resorts, thereby adding more vacation accommodation options to their network.

An increasing number of HICV timeshare cancellations requests show that buyers of a timeshare from this timeshare resort company are not happy. The term ‘Orange Lakes timeshare’ is also interchangeably used to refer to the term ‘HICV timeshare’.

Now, it’s worth mentioning here that a lot of consumers, i.e., timeshare buyers, have shared their complaints regarding the HICV timeshare company to date. The reasons behind these complaints might vary from one customer to another. But the complaints are genuine as the company incorporated many policies that were not in favor of existing customers.

The major policy update was shifting from a weeks-based system to a points-based system for buying a timeshare. As a result, existing customers had to pay additional money to keep their contracts valid. New customers were not left unaffected by this. Due to the points-based system, many new and existing customers might never get the chance to actually book rooms in the resort to avail the benefits of their timeshare purchase.

HICV Timeshare Cancellations: What is the Right Method?

According to many customers, the right method to get rid of fees, responsibilities, and obligations related to a timeshare is selling it to someone else. Unless the company gets convinced to take back the timeshare that you purchased (which happens in rare cases), selling it to another party seems the viable option to customers.

Another method is to rent out your timeshare to someone who is interested. Some people even gift their timeshare to their relatives who don’t mind paying the annual maintenance fees. However, the best method using which you can completely surrender a timeshare without transferring the burden to someone else is taking legal help.

The law firm you have approached will take matters into its own hands. Its representatives will communicate with the timeshare resort company to provide you with a quick solution. If your timeshare cancellation window has already closed and you don’t want someone else to get stuck with your timeshare, this method is the most suitable one. 

Final Words

You can look for a reputable law firm that can provide you with relief from problems that your timeshare purchasing has been giving you.


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