How ED affects your personal life?

ED affects your personal life

Erectile Dysfunction or ED as called in short forms is a sexual disorder related to the erection of the penis. The penis of the male becomes devoid of erection despite the sexual stimulation. Lets find out How ED affects your personal life?

It looked from a perspective of a healthy person ED is just like any other disease. For such people, ED has no connection with one’s personal life, and theoretically it also true. But everything which is on paper doesn’t get directly applied on the ground. The ground reality is always different. 

There are numerous cases where the divorce has happened and the reason cited was unsatisfied sexual desire. There are cases of suicides due to ED, patients of ED are becoming depressed. 

So, is divorce not related to personal life? Is disturbance in the mental space not an issue of personal life? The situation is so worse that people have to consume pills like Fildena tablet, Cenforce, Vidalista from for making love to their partner.

Never ever before mankind has witnessed such dependence on medicines for the basic functions of life. 

Reasons for getting diagnosed with ED

Consumption of alcohol

When someone consumes alcohol in limitless amounts it starts showing its negative effects. If taken in limited amounts alcohol in fact is a great stress buster that helps in easing tension.

It reduces the transmission of messages between the nervous system and the organs. This allows the person to get a better sleep therefore also playing the role of a tranquillizer. 

When levels of alcohol cross the barrier, the organs get out of control and behave randomly. Secretion of enzymes is stopped; the blood circulation is stopped in some areas. Overall, in such situations getting an erection becomes difficult and sometimes impossible.


It is a fact that almost all smokers have faced ED at some point in time and if not, they will surely become ED patients in the upcoming future. 

Smoking lets hazardous pollutants such as carbon monoxide enter the body. This reduces the oxygen content of the blood which in turn makes the organs in deficiency of oxygenated blood.

And we all know if the penis does not receive blood, no erection is possible. To overcome this problem people, consume Fildena 100 Online, Cenforce 100mg, Vidalista from

Personal reasons which lead to ED

Other than the addictions some personal problems sometimes take a bigger shape and cause ED. Personal problems always do not mean sexual or intimate ones but it also means mental problems. (

You would want the sexual desire only if you are mentally and physically sound enough. No matter how much you are well built with six-pack abs it has no effects on erection. Lack of sexual desire is also one of the reasons for Erectile Dysfunction.

If you had a fight with your girlfriend or wife, your mood is definitely not good. So, there is no chance of sex in such cases. You may be engrossed in your work with such determination and concentration that you do not have time for such activities.

Another reason may be that you are suffering from mental disorders such as depression, isolation, or anxiety. In such cases, the person detaches himself from the outer world and finds solace in loneliness. 

In such circumstances too people suffer from ED because there is no intention for sexual pleasure.

How ED deteriorates personal life?

Another situation may be that the reason for your ED is not personal but with time ED can start affecting your personal life in a hazardous manner.

In our society especially being an ED patient is not a normal thing. People on knowing that someone is suffering from ED makes a joke about him instead of supporting him in these tough times. This is the ED patient do not share the problem with even their friends and family.

Such a person loses his self-esteem and self-confidence. He becomes nervous while talking to strangers, avoids the company of people, and remains socially inactive. 

Also, in some cases, it was found that partners of ED patients get involved in extramarital affairs after knowing about it. Imagine the mental condition of a person who is suffering from ED, is in turmoil, and then comes to know about his partner betraying him.

Pills like Fildena 100 Online, Cenforce, Vidalista 20 from will only help in getting an erection but this grief and pain stays till a lifetime. This is the reason many ED patients start getting suicidal thoughts as they blame themselves for all the trouble.

An in our society where manliness is related to a sexual orientation such men are made to realize that they are incomplete. 


One can observe that how ED affects one’s personal life and also how personal problems can also lead to ED.

So, the relation between ED and personal life is mutual. For a happy sexual life, it is necessary to have a strong bonding between the partners which is the basis of a healthy personal life. 


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