How To Avoid Disappointments When Doing An Online Shopping Spree


The world is evolving really fast, creating changes in almost every aspect of our lives. How we shop is also one of the things that evolves along the way. We used to have to visit a brick-and-mortar store whenever we wanted to buy something. But nowadays, with just a click on our finger we can buy almost anything that we want.

Selling products online is not only done by a small business. Big brands who previously only focused on selling their products in a physical store are now switching sides and making sure that they have a running website for customers to shop their product online.

The reason why online shopping is becoming on the rise is because the internet has made the buying and selling process easier. Not to mention that brands can reach more potential markets. With the convenience of online shopping, people can shop anytime and anywhere without wasting time and effort. 

However, because we don’t see the product that we want to buy in the first place – sometimes we can be disappointed with the product that we receive. It can be because of the wrong size, the product does not live up to the expectation, fake photos, or the product is lost or broken due to the shipping system. To avoid possible disappointment, you should consider some of the tips below to ensure that you have the best online shopping experience.

Check the seller’s reputation

Checking the seller’s reputation is the first important thing you have to do in order to avoid disappointment. The brand, the store, or the marketplace that you choose will play an important role to ensure that your shopping experience is as smooth as possible. 

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Product reviews by customer

Before you buy a product through an online store, make it a habit to read reviews from other customers who have already bought the product. You might feel lazy to surf and read the reviews one by one, but it is very important to do so in order to avoid disappointment. Through the reviews column, you can see the honest comments which come from other customer experience. 

You can also see the real picture of the product which the customer uploaded along with the review. This can help you to see whether the real product is similar to the product photos that the seller has shared on their platform or not. Checking product reviews by other customers is important to ensure whether the product that you choose is worth buying or not.

Read the product description

The description column usually contains not only the size but also the product materials. If you don’t recognize the types of materials used, you can study the picture that the customers share in their reviews to check whether the product is made from a good quality material or not.

Know your body size

Instead of only knowing which numbers or letters your size in general, if you’re planning to buy things online, you should know the details of your body size. Measure your chest area,  shoulder and hip size, and your preferred shirt length. This is important because each brand has a different size, and they usually put all the detailed measurements on the product description. Knowing the details of your body size will certainly help you in choosing the right size if you are planning to buy a new outfit.

Don’t purchase too many clothes all at once

If this is your first experience shopping at a new platform, then we recommend you to not buy too many products all at once. This is because you want to make sure that you won’t be too disappointed when the product you buy is not as good as you think it will be.  Buy 1 or 2 products first and wait for the product to reach your hands. If the quality of the product is good, then you can order it again as much as you want.

Understand the return policy

Even though you have followed these recommendations, it doesn’t mean that your online shopping experience will always go smoothly. Sometimes a problem may occur which results in your need to return the product. If the marketplace that you choose is offering a free return policy – it will definitely be useful and also help you to avoid disappointment and money loss. 

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