How to Be a Social Media Manager – Tips and Skills That You Need

How to be a Social Media Manager

Over the last few years, social media has prominently emerged as an indispensable aspect of personal and professional life. With its rising prominence, the term social media manager has been trending widely. For those who are scouting for tips on how to be a social Manager, here are a few essential skills that you need to hone to get started.

Being an Analyst

You can do as a social media manager if your analytical abilities are reasonably good. That’s because a social media manager needs to understand the different metrics such as shares, likes, and comments used on this platform and put them together to present an overall view of the company’s social media performance against its business objectives. For instance, if your role calls for driving the traffic from social media channels to the company’s website for enhancing sales, it will be essential to redirect traffic and conversions back to your channels to be able to figure out what kind of content works in your favor. It would require you to be skilled in reading and interpreting the data, especially if you are on a social media manager job.

As a social media manager, you will have to track both qualitative and quantitative data. Earlier, the focus was on quantitative analysis, but today with the significance of social listening, qualitative data holds prime importance in portraying the complete picture.

Are you communicating effectively?

You’ve done the reports well as a social media manager; is it good enough? When you analyze, you just don’t look at the data but also identify the trends and patterns. Simultaneously, this helps you to develop specific befitting recommendations and a plan of action on how to communicate this to your audience. So analysis brings you the benefit of collaborating with either your senior or with other colleagues across other departments.

How to be a social Manager with Copywriting skills

Now, this is an essential skill requirement if you want to promote and marketing the business. From drafting comprehensive tweets to posting on Facebook and creating your profile description, there’s much you need to do. If you want to drive more clicks, copywriting skills can come in handy, and there are a few formulas that can help you improve the quality of the content you seek to publish online.

You might come across a dozen social media manager freelance enthusiasts who use the ‘Before-after-Bridge” technique in their blogs and posts — scouting for appropriate social media manager tips? You certainly need to be an excellent copywriter. The idea is to engage the audience in a digital conversation that’s unique and effective in enhancing the brand’s voice on the virtual social media platform. Know what you are fetching? It’s vital to grab the attention of your audience, and for this, anything from a witty social chat to eye-catching captions can work. See what stirs emotion among the audience in the community you want to reach out to and create content tailored for them.

Community engagement

If you are exploring ways on how to be a social manager, you can’t avoid establishing a connection with the community. You will have to ask the appropriate questions to engage more audiences and simultaneously answer more questions regarding the company, product, and the overall industry. As the face of your company on the social media platform, you also need to work on empathetic skills so that you can relate to the customers on social media, respond to fundamental questions, and initiate a healthy dialogue.


Thinking of how to be a social Manager without budgeting skills? Well, that’s challenging because you might have to work within a budget. Not only for advertising, but you might have to manage funds for tools, images, and even courses to improve your existing skills. It would require a basic understanding of finances and budget. Moreover, if you are adept at working on Excel sheets, it can work as an add-on!

Stay updated on social media management tools

If you wish to reach out to a broader audience, it’s essential to be well-versed in the industry tools. For instance, many of the social media management software products offer free trials online. These work well for those who want to train themselves in areas of content tracking, strategizing, and social analytics. Good storytelling is imminent to make the content relevant.

Fend for social media opportunities

Here’s how to be a social Manager by exploring opportunities on the platform. Remember, every role could offer a chance to build on your profile. You can speak with the respective marketing team to find out various opportunities that can help you promote business activities or products on social media. Beyond the professional canvas, you can pick up opportunities from your personal life as well. For instance, you could consider promoting a hobby on social media platforms such as Instagram or LinkedIn. It could add value to your portfolio. Before you realize, you would probably be showcasing your expert skills on being able to run a social media campaign successfully.

They have eyes on you

Yes, this can appear intimidating, but as a social media manager, you should know how to take a stand without putting yourself into a controversy. It requires a high level of EQ (emotional intelligence) so that you can approach things with sensibility. It involves gauging how people would react to your post. It’s best to abstain from scribing embarrassing posts.

Follow brands that appeal to you

A useful tip on how to be a social Manager is to make a list of the brands that you admire the most. When you follow companies that you would love to work with, you could fish a chance of working with your dream team! Well, of course, you need to do the groundwork and have an impressive social media profile ready to stage. When you like a company, storytelling for the brand becomes easier.

Create and promote your online portfolio

Projecting and highlighting your interest and experience with different sites through your collection is essential for a social media manager. This way, you can draw the company’s attention to your blog, making way for more opportunities to come your way than only showcasing your experience. Even a personal blog can become your best pitching tool.

Good time management skills

Contemplating on how to be a social Manager? Here’s another tip to get you soaring! One thing that people often forget is to pay attention to multi-tasking. Yes, that’s as important if you want to groom yourself to become an efficient social media manager. Also, keep track of the time you spend weekly at work. Like it’s necessary to be able to multi-task, it’s equally important to maintain a check on how many hours you dedicate to the job.

The best way to do is by finding what suits you and your schedule the best and how well you can optimize it to organize your task well. You will have deadlines from your clients, and completing tasks on time is something that will have to teach as a habit.

Here are some advanced skills for those in a social media manager job:

– Optimize your YouTube videos. It can be done by adding titles, descriptions, and tags.

– If you use Twitter for promoting your brand, use customized headers

– On Facebook, you can use the custom apps

– It’s crucial to be versed in webcasts, hangouts, Google+, email capture forms, and others.

– Knowing how to use hashtags for marketing is a plus point.

Any social media manager freelance company would also seek individuals with creativity. Those who are innovative and discover new opportunities beyond the regular marketing rules are valued more. Some of the most successful social media campaigns have been those created with a unique twist. It not only increases the coverage and exposure but also quickly captures the interest of customers. A creative approach is good enough as it can make the content look original and offer a positive outcome.

Social media manager with appropriate designing skills

No, you don’t have to be a master designer for this. Just a basic understanding and clarity on design and its use is enough to enable the creation of distinct visual content. What you create should look professional and help you to run your campaign effectively. Research and trends reveal that social media content that is packed with intricate images overshadow content laden with text and less detailed images.

Among other social media manager tips, knowing how to create professional-looking visual content is indeed valuable for a social media manager. With video editing skills, you can seamlessly reach out to the audience.

What is the role of leadership in excelling as a social media manager?

You are wondering if leadership can show you how to be a social Manager? If your social media presence is sustainable, it can turn into a rewarding source of leads and traffic for your brand. Also, it would enable you to scale your efforts where you can enjoy the liberty of creating more valuable social media content on your own. With expanding campaigns, you can add more value to your business by delegating tasks to other capable individuals. It is where your skills at creating processes for others to follow will play a significant role. Well-appointed and supervised campaigns can be impactful. When your social media platform starts generating a positive “return on investment,” you can begin planning on the leadership front ahead of time.

What is your marketing strategy?

Once you’ve identified your social goals, you need to connect it with the marketing strategies to take it further. A social policy that creates a business impact can only help you through. For this, you first need to develop a clear understanding of both traditional as well as digital marketing approaches. It will give you a better understanding of how your brand connects with potential customers, how it can drive effective sales and generate targeted revenue. Email, lead generation, public relations, conducting events, etc. can be used for the purpose.

Caring for customers

How you treat your customers attributes to how efficient a social media manager, you can become. Developing a core customer care strategy on the social platform can help you navigate how you connect with the audience and what they think about your business and brand.

For instance, understanding the concerns of customers, noting their demands, or being preparing how to address future customers’ feedback is vital. If there’s a specific complaint, it’s essential to check on what made him upset and seek ways to surprise them pleasantly with an affirmative response. Personal interactions make a big difference on the social media platform. When you hear out and understand your customers, you leave a positive impact on the minds of the community you interact with. As a social media manager, you can refer to your conversation with the customer and take the necessary steps to make this interaction a special one.

It is how you connect with the larger audience on digital social media. Research reveals that over 60% of consumers want brands to communicate with them on social media. As a social media manager, you need to understand what works best for every brand. You can experiment when interacting with a different target audience. One formula may not work for everyone or every brand.

To conclude

If you already possess these skills and traits, you are almost there! You don’t have to be proficient at every other skill as mentioned. Being good at a few of them can make you an enterprising social media manager. Some inherent fundamental skills, such as being organized, having a creative bent of mind, patience, technical aptitude, proactive community management, or promptly responding to customer queries, are great. These can enhance your social media performance. It’s a rapidly changing industry. Moreover, if you are someone who is paying attention to it, you can earn your brownie points in that role.

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