How To Buy The Commercial Restaurant Booths For Your Venue

When opening and planning a restaurant, one of your main objectives should be the layout of the eating area. The seating arrangement and design you choose for your restaurant are significant for a variety of reasons, including the need to maximize space and practicality while emphasizing customer comfort.

During a dinner rush, an efficient arrangement will allow waiters to manage platters of food and drinks while accommodating as many customers as feasible. Commercial restaurant booths are a stylish, cost-effective, and space-saving solution for your establishment.

Restaurant Booth Sizes

Booths are available in a number of heights and widths, as well as shapes to fit specific spaces and accommodate a wide range of people. Before acquiring or creating booths for your area, take measurements and assess how much space you have available, keeping in mind the through-flow of consumers and workers.

Look for samples of booth arrangements and layouts at similar restaurants online or our installations at RestaurantFurniture.COM to get a better sense of what restaurant booth layout could work best for you.

Restaurant booths are commonly positioned against walls or back-to-back in an aisle to provide additional seating and come in the following styles:

Deuce Booths

Deuce booths are two-person booths with one seat facing each other.

Single Booths

Single booths are half the size of a standard booth, with a booth seat on one side and a flat back on the other. Single booths are typically located at the far end of a booth aisle.

Double Booths

Double booths are single booths set in an aisle back to back.

Split Booths

Split booths have booth seating on one side and a table and chairs on the other. Consider custom restaurant booths if you want to add a booth to an awkwardly shaped room in your restaurant.

For bigger groups seeking extra seclusion, half-circle or three-quarter booths are available, as are smaller booths for nooks and corners.

Benefits Of Using Booth Seating in Your Restaurant

For their convenience and privacy, most consumers prefer booths. Cushioned chairs and padded backs are standard in booths. They also offer more privacy, comfort, and space per person. Booths help to maximize restaurant eating capacity by making the most of every available space.

Booth seating is always a fantastic idea at restaurants, bars, and cafés. Customers prefer them because they provide more comfort and privacy for a group when seated in a booth.

Booths, on the other hand, benefit more than just your customers. Installing restaurant booths will enhance the architectural features of your facility while also making it easier to manage larger bookings due to the natural seating pattern. They also conserve space because they may be placed against walls and in corners where chairs would take up too much space.

How Much Room Is Required for a Restaurant Booth?

When facing two booths, the minimum distance between booths should be 70′′ from one end of a booth to the other, allowing for a 24′′ wide table. The larger the table, the more room between booths is required.

What Materials Are Used for Restaurant Booths?

Typically, restaurant booths are composed of wood and upholstered in fabric or vinyl with springs and high-density foam seats and backs. Some booths are entirely upholstered and cushioned, while others have a slightly padded back or an unpadded wood seat and back.

Creating a suitable environment for your restaurant is an essential component of running a business. You want your customers to feel at ease and satisfied when they dine, not only enjoy the food. Whether you choose a trendy leather double booth for a high-end restaurant or a sturdy vinyl split booth for your site, restaurant furniture booths will ensure that you optimize your space and comfort level!

At Restaurant Furniture .COM, we provide contract furniture to restaurants that not only meet and exceed product quality requirements but also exceed our valued clients’ customer service objectives.

You’ll have no trouble selecting the perfect booth for your restaurant, café, or bar with our large range of restaurant booths and changeable material and style options. Our custom restaurant booths will not only help you maximize floor space, but our low prices will benefit your bottom line as well.

We also provide fast delivery on all of our booths, which are created in America with high-quality materials and American craftsmanship. Our skilled team offers advice and insight, which typically helps our clients assess the demands of their venues, resulting in trust in our service.

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