How to Choose a Perfect Internet Browser?

Perfect Internet Browser

You might be familiar with or are using popular internet browsers like Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome. However, they’re not the only available perfect internet browser out there. And let us tell you now, that they’re not the best either. 

That’s why we’re going to go over the elements that make up an excellent internet browser, and we’ve compiled a list of much better alternatives to the popular and mainstream options. Mainstream doesn’t always mean good, the companies who own Perfect Internet Browser  just have better promotion and bigger reach.

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Moving along, here’s the article: 

1. Numerous Options- Perfect Internet Browser

A great internet browser will have many privacy options and parameters, consider the following options to be indicators of a worthy pick: 

  • The browser has a ‘private window/incognito’ option.
  • The browser has a TOR window option.
  • The browser can stop ads and trackers. 
  • Bonus: It has the option to not store any data when a user surfs the web. 

These are the basics, and if your browser doesn’t have these options then that browser is not delivering as much as it should be. Most browsers have these parameters, so there’s no need to fret. Let’s get into the specifics of these.

2. Speed, Efficiency, Performance  

The speed of a browser is important for many users since nobody wants to waste time trying to load every page they visit. This is one of the reasons Internet Explorer got buried by its competitors since it’s a relatively slow browser.

Efficiency, on the other hand, could signify if it optimizes memory consumption, can load many tabs at once, and so on. Performance can signify its capability to run the many different file formats that can be found online. Ensuring that everything remains visible no matter how obscure it might be. 

3. The Importance of Privacy 

If you’re not in the know, then we’ll let you be in the know. Most big companies sell your data. Facebook? Probably has your info, they sell it to companies for profit. Point is, that the internet is vast, and most people don’t know how much they’re being tracked and spied on. They have no idea to what extent this invasion of privacy goes. 

And sure, many people might scoff at the idea of having to upgrade their privacy, or might not see the importance of it. However, privacy is important. We are not products for sale, we are not subjects of a company’s unabashed experimentation and surveillance. 

For those who are concerned with their autonomy and their privacy, then don’t fret, we’ll be presenting the best options for safe and private browsers.

Browser Options

4. Brave 

Brave is a private engine. Brave claims not to store its users’ personal data, such as their browsing history, their IP addresses, and so on. Here are some advantages to using Brave:

  • Brave is a ‘chromium’ codebase browser, with a minimalist user interface to prioritize and maximize the speed and performance. Brave loads three times faster than Chrome. 
  • Brave actively blocks all ads and trackers while you’re surfing the web. Pretty practical.
  • The default search engine on Brave is DuckDuckGo, which is the most popular alternative to Google. DuckDuckGo is a private search engine that doesn’t track its users nor store their personal search history. 
  • Brave tries to save its users’ bandwidth.
  • Brave rewards its users with its own cryptocurrency called the ‘Basic Attention Token’ (BAT), for simply using the browser. 

5. Tor Browser- Perfect Internet Browser

For those for whom privacy is the top concern, the Tor browser is for you. Considered to be the most private browser option online, this might be what you’re looking for. Tor is short for ‘The Onion Router’. (  

It’s a free-to-use open-source program. It maintains the user’s privacy by directing internet traffic through an overlay network that consists of more than six thousand relays. This conceals the user’s location and ultimately keeps their identity anonymous. 

Tor is an established browser name, and it’s no scam; however, using this browser has its downsides. For starters, it’s much slower to load pages on the Tor Browser than on a normal one, this is because of the VPNs and whatnot. You sacrifice speed for safety. 

Another thing is that users can’t use the engine on every website they come across. However, we do think that having the Tor Browser installed as a safety option is a great move for anyone with a computer. 

6. Pale Moon 

A fork of the Firefox browser, this browser is focused on giving its users an extensive ability to customize their settings and promises their users efficiency and safety. It boasts a fully customizable interface. And since it’s a fork of Firefox, it can use Firefox’s extensions and add-ons freely. 

Pale Moon is available to download on Windows, and even on Linux OS. So for Linux users trying to find a good browser, here’s your ideal. And while Pale Moon is a fork of Firefox, it is completely independent of Firefox and is being run by a privacy-focused NGO. It also has great browser security, boasting extra security features.

Moreover, Palemoon claims not to have any spyware or data gathering software installed on it. They tolerate zero ads and claim to have no telemetry.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to a ‘perfect’ engine, there’s really no such thing. However, there are many that are close to perfect ones that are free to install and use right now. It’s clear to see that the best option in the market as of now is the Brave Browser since it not only provides more privacy than Google ever will, but it also makes sure that users can surf the web with comfort. 

We hope this article serves to help our readers come to a more informed decision. A huge part of our lives is now in the digital realm, so it’s important to become more aware of what we use and use what we have in the smartest way possible.

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