How to Choose Best Wall Tiles

Best Wall Tiles

Wall tiles can be a practical choice when you are planning to redesign your kitchen or bathroom and they are also one of the easiest ways to decorate your home space, adding color and texture. With a wide variety of options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right wall tiles for your tiling project because not every type of tile works for every job. Your choice of materials should be based on aesthetics, budget, and ease of maintenance. In this article, will guide you through the most common types of wall tiles to help you make the right decision for your residential and commercial properties.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are top choices for price, ease of installation, and for a huge range of colors and patterns available. They come in hundreds of styles and can fit any design, creating an effective and beautiful wall covering in any room of the house, for example, bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways. Ceramic and porcelain tiles differ in water absorption rate. Porcelain tiles absorb water at a slower rate because they are made from denser clay than ceramic and are fired at higher temperatures. They are harder and stronger that ceramic tiles.

Both options are easy to look after and come in a variety of finishes. Both porcelain and ceramic tile can have finishes that replicate the look of natural stone, for example, marble or slate as well as brick, wood or metal, opening lots of exciting design possibilities.

Glass tiles

Being stain resistant, glass wall tile is a fantastic alternative to natural stone. Glass tiles look contemporary and offer clean and minimalistic aesthetics. You can install them to complement reflective surfaces in a bathroom or a kitchen and create wall murals in living spaces. They are durable and more moisture resistant than many other types of tiles and being less porous than ceramic or porcelain tiles, they are one of the easiest tiles to clean. Glass tiles come in a variety of colors and are available as individual tiles and as mosaics with mesh backing. Glass mosaic tiles are available in vibrant colors and are the perfect way to add an accent or feature wall. You can choose from glossy, frosted, matte or iridescent finishes. You can create unique patterns by mixing different textures, colors, and finishes as well as combine glass tile with many other finishing materials like marble, wood, granite, and plastic to showcase your artistic style.

Marble tiles

Though costly, marble is a stunning and timeless tile option which can add an instant touch of elegance and refinement to any home space. Marble tiles are either patterned or veined so they deliver texture and depth and each piece is unique. Marble looks opulent and can make a fabulous feature as a kitchen backsplash. You can choose from a range of color tones and striking and subtle veining patterns to create a luxurious space. But like other natural stone tiles, marble tiles are susceptible to scratches and stains and require a lot of upkeep to keep them looking pristine. Marble is porous so such tiles require regular sealing.

Granite tiles

If performance and lower cost is your top priority, consider granite tiles. They are made from granite rock which is one of the hardest materials on earth. Granite looks and feels like marble due to its natural small flecks at the surface. Granite tiles are cheaper than marble tiles but they also have a classic appeal and look sophisticated so they can add beauty and elegance to your home. Elegant granite wall tiles come in a variety of colors, designs, and textures so they can be used anywhere in the house and will look wonderful for accenting backsplashes in the kitchen or shower walls in the bathroom. Being durable, water, heat, and damage resistant, granite tiles are also great for kitchen countertops or as a floor. They are stain resistant and easy to maintain although you will need to seal them periodically.

Travertine tiles

Travertine tiles are cheaper than marble or granite tiles. They offer a natural, one-of-the-kind aesthetics and are a great way to bring an attractive and marvelous look to any space. They are popular due to their ability to withstand wear and tear but being porous, they work well in areas where moisture is not a concern and they should be sealed with a stone sealant on a regular basis to protect the stone and prevent it from absorbing water. Travertine tiles are available in a variety of neutral color options such as warm walnut and rust shades, beige, cream, and gray. You can choose from several finishes – polished, honed, brushed, tumbled, and chisel-edged. Because there is a wide variety of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes of travertine tile, the design options are nearly endless.


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