How to choose the right digital menu software for your restaurant

A menu QR code opens many possibilities for restaurants to boost their operations, increase their sales performance, and streamline staffing ad productivity. It’s no surprise that restaurants worldwide have adopted a QR code menu in their restaurant.

The key to a successful QR code menu is using an advanced QR code menu generator that offers the best features for data analytics, order tracking, software integration, customization, and sales reporting. 

The great news is that there are plenty of menu QR code generators in the market. The catch is that not all of them are created equal. Some menu QR code generators may lack features while charging a costly monthly subscription plan.

For restaurant owners that want to use a QR code menu, make a smart decision by choosing a platform with these features. 

1.QR code online ordering 

To unlock the full features of a QR code menu, choose a QR code generator that allows QR code online ordering. This way, customers can order directly from the QR  code menu, and restaurants can process the orders without additional staff.

Some restaurants may use a QR code menu, but simply as a PDF menu. Aside from listing the food selections, restaurants need staff to collect customer orders and process payments. In this sense, a PDF QR code menu is an accessory instead of software.

QR code online ordering allows for streamlined ordering operations that reduce the number of staff and their workload. Customers can have a better experience with quick processes without constantly calling for servers’ attention.

2.Mobile payment integrations

In line with QR code online ordering, restaurants can also use a QR code menu generator to integrate mobile payment options, such as PayPal and Stripe. Customers can settle their transactions immediately with just one scan on their mobile phones.

As the payments reflect directly in the restaurant’s accounts in real-time, discrepancies, lost sales, and unaccounted order payments are less likely to happen. When restaurants need to track previous transactions, they can refer to the system.

Mobile payment integrations in a QR code menu allow for accurate sales accounts and prevent servers from paying the discrepancies out of their pockets — a big tendency for cash transactions.

3.Point-of-Sales (POS) System

A Point-of-Sale (POS) system is a digital cashier terminal where all the transactions are recorded, accounted for, and kept. Most menu QR code generators may offer a POS system with varying features

For a QR code menu, a POS system can do more than keep track of transactions in a restaurant. A comprehensive POS system can increase automation in stock and inventory management, sales tracking, customer relationship management, and more.

Amid the challenges in the restaurant industry, such as staff shortage, low productivity, and economic difficulties, a POS system acts as a restaurant manager. With a completely digital platform, restaurant owners can oversee operations even remotely.

4.Multi-language access and translations

For restaurants in touristy areas, they can have a lot of foreign customers who may not know the native language or don’t speak basic English. A QR code menu generator can support multi-access language access and translations in a QR code menu.

Upon scanning the QR code, foreign customers can choose the language on the menu to help them order the dishes they want. As customers have a better understanding of their orders, they can enjoy the food better.

Multi-language access and translations are also a lifesaver for customers with allergies. As they don’t blindly order, their chances of intaking allergens are lower. This can provide less hassle for Cincinnati OH Banks restaurants and save a life, too! As they don’t blindly order, their chances of intaking allergens are lower. This can provide less hassle for restaurants and save a life, too!

Choose the right digital menu software for you

With plenty of options for QR code menu generators, it can take time to choose the best platform that offers what you need.

Assess what you need first, and then try out different software before fully committing to a platform. Some menu QR code generators offer up to a 14-day no-commitment free trial, where you can test their features and determine if they’re the best fit for your needs.

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