How to Choose the Stones for a Moissanite Ring Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Choosing the perfect ring is more than just a matter of aesthetics or budget; it can also be a personal decision influenced by factors like beliefs, traditions, and even astrology. Do you want to add an astrological stone to your engagement ring? The choice is not limited to diamonds! For those who believe in the influence of zodiac signs, selecting a Moissanite ring with the perfect stone can bring added significance to this cherished piece of jewelry at MoissaniteCo. Did you know your zodiac sign can help you select the ideal engagement ring that fits your unique character, from the stone shape and distinctive metal to the style and design?

Keep scrolling to discover which diamond engagement ring best represents your star sign.

Why Moissanite?

Before diving into the zodiac-specific guidance, it’s essential to understand why Moissanite makes an excellent choice for any ring. Known for its brilliant sparkle and incredible hardness, second only to diamonds, Moissanite is a cost-effective yet luxurious option. Its ethical and sustainable origins further add to its appeal.


For the energetic- and adventurous Aries, a red or pinkish Moissanite stone may be the perfect fit, channeling the sign’s ruling planet, Mars. These colors signify passion and courage, traits often attributed to Aries. Opt for a dynamic setting like a tension or prong setting that reflects your bold personality.


Taurus is an earth sign, known for its stability and sensuality. A green Moissanite stone, echoing the hues of Venus, the ruling planet, would suit those born under this sign. A classic and secure setting like a bezel would complement the Taurus’ dependable nature.


This air sign is known for its duality and adaptability. A light blue or even a dual-tone Moissanite stone could symbolize the twins that represent Gemini. The versatility of the stone could be further emphasized with a convertible setting, offering different wearing options.


Ruled by the Moon, those with the Cancer zodiac sign might find a grey or pale-colored Moissanite stone appealing at MoissaniteCo. These colors can signify the moon’s different phases, capturing the emotional and nurturing characteristics of Cancer. A vintage setting could make this already meaningful ring even more special.


For the fiery and self-confident Leo, a yellow or gold Moissanite stone would be a stunning choice. The sunny hue would channel the influence of the Sun, Leo’s ruling body. A halo or cathedral setting would suit Leo’s flair for the dramatic.


Ruled by Mercury and associated with purity and practicality, Virgos might gravitate towards clear or white Moissanite stones. A minimalist setting like a simple solitaire would fit well with Virgo’s understated elegance.


As an air sign ruled by Venus, Libra seeks balance and beauty in all things. A pink or pale green Moissanite stone could resonate with those seeking equilibrium and aesthetic perfection. An asymmetric and harmonious setting like a two-stone would appeal to a Libra’s sense of balance.


Intense and mysterious Scorpios might find a dark blue or black Moissanite stone captivating. A complex setting with hidden details, like a vintage or paved setting, could further intrigue a Scorpio.


The adventurous and optimistic Sagittarius may get drawn to brighter colors. Jupiter is Sagittarius’ governing planet. Yellow Sapphire should get worn by these persons. People can acquire knowledge, wisdom, riches, and confidence with the aid of this gemstone.


Capricorn’s governing planet is Saturn, which represents the Blue Sapphire or Diamond. Blue sapphire can have positive or negative impacts. It is suggested that they test it at home rather than going outside. Diamond jewelry is also suitable for Capricorns since it will encourage their confidence and courage.


Saturn rules the Aquarians. Wearing an iron ring or a blue sapphire is appropriate for those born under this sign. The negative impacts of Saturn will be lessened as a result.


Aquamarine engagement rings are affordable and quite fashionable and surrounded by smaller diamonds. This stone is ideal for sensitive Pisces since it purports to alleviate pain brought on by repressed negative feelings and poor self-esteem. In addition to this-light blue stones, sapphire, and amethyst are also said to be favorable for Pisces.

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