How To Cope With Relocation Depression?

How To Cope With Relocation Depression?

Pondering the life you left behind

You have been thinking about your move for a while. You’ve thought of where you will live, you’ve found the place. The moving day has come and gone and you find yourself in a new home. At first, you feel overwhelmed. Exhale, it’s done. However, the feelings roller coaster is just starting to swirl. One of the less talked parts of relocations is depression that may come with it. No matter the reason for the move, more often than not, it’s quite stressful, and if you’re moving far away it can be quite emotional. If you don’t know how to cope with relocation depression, don’t worry, we have some advice.

How To Cope With Relocation Depression?

Feeling alone among people

Why do you feel depressed after the move?

When you think of moving, you think of the exciting parts. Finding a new home, decorating it to your will, starting over. There’s a whole new world to discover, maybe a new job. Lots of opportunities. So many thoughts come to mind when moving you never expected to think of them all. When you finally move, you feel excitement, adrenaline pumps through your body. The sheer amount of things you need to do keeps you in this state for days. You don’t even have time to think of the life you left behind. But, when the excitement subsides, the nostalgia and reality kick in. You start feeling overwhelming amounts of unhappiness. You think of a life you left behind, you miss your family and friends. Relocation depression is a force to be reckoned with. The most accurate way to describe it is as the mourning of your previous life. This state comes as a result of leaving the life you knew and loved, the life you felt comfortable with. You miss the support of your family, the closeness of your friends, and you feel all alone.

How to cope with relocation depression the right way?

When you decide on a move, you start researching everything you need to do it right. You prepare to the best of your abilities. Making lists, googling, talking to friends and family with experience. Researching the city and the country you are relocating to. You find a moving company. Certainly, you want the best, so you’ve probably come across Best Cross Country Movers in your search. So, you’ve researched every inch of your move, now you must research ways to cope with relocation depression. It might not be something you expected, but it’s the first step towards feeling better.

How To Cope With Relocation Depression?

Think of ways to help yourself

Small steps

If you are feeling unwilling to go out and do anything, know that you are not alone. The first thing you need to do is admit to yourself that you have a problem. If you feel that the problem is too big for you to handle on your own, get professional help. Talking to a professional is always a good way to deal with your problems. Talk to your friends, talk to your partner, talk to your family. Finding happiness can sometimes be a challenge or a journey, but when you have the support of your loved ones, you can achieve anything. Positive thoughts can sometimes be forced, but even forced they can help.

Get to know people

Finding new friends or even acquaintances doesn’t mean that you will forget about your old ones. People need people and having someone to talk to, have fun with, have a cup of coffee with is crucial for starting to feel at ease with your new surroundings. Even if you don’t socialize easily, try small – get to know your neighbors. Say Hi, invite them in for a drink. Go out with people from work. If you have a spouse, get to know people they work with. It isn’t easy to find new friends as an adult, but make an effort, it will be good for you.

How To Cope With Relocation Depression?

Photos of old friends can help cope with depression 

Make yourself at home

Make your new home as cozy as you can. Decorate to your will. Put out photos. Arrange furniture in a familiar fashion. Making your home into something you feel comfortable with, even if it resembles your old home may not be something other people understand, but it may help you cope with relocation depression. Remember, you can always redecorate later or move everything around if you feel like it.

Go out and about

No matter where you relocate, you will be in a new place. You will have so much to discover, so don’t be afraid to go out and about! Take a walk, go out for drinks, even going to a store to get groceries is a good first step towards getting to know your new home. While you were planning your relocation, you have certainly researched it all. If you were planning a cross country move, you must have thought of all the things a new state has to offer. Even if it isn’t such a big difference. If you are moving from, let’s say Florida to Georgia, you will want to know what Georgia has to offer in regards to Florida. When you look to hire a professional moving company in Georgia you want the best. It’s the same with neighborhoods, schools, jobs, stores, doctors, and everything else you can think of. Now that you’re there, get to know the place in person. It will make you feel more at ease and more at home.

Look for common ground

Find some shared interests and common ground with the people you meet. Similar activities and shared experiences can create strong bonds more often than you might think. Walking, jogging, book clubs, similar hobbies, profession, kids of similar age, whatever you notice can connect you to people around you, use it. It can be a conversation opener. And, it can even lead to strong friendships.

How To Cope With Relocation Depression?

Strong bonds last a lifetime

Don’t forget your family and friends

Keep your strong relationships alive. Don’t let distance drive you apart. Your friends and family will give you the support you need even if you feel all alone or hopeless. When you miss them, call them. When you have some news share it with them. Visit them and welcome them to visit you in your new home. They have always provided you with encouragement, love, and support and they will again. They will be there for you and help you cope with relocation depression. 

Give yourself some time

Don’t be too hard on yourself and give yourself some time to cope and deal. Breathe and let some time pass. Everything will fall into place and you will feel like yourself again. Days will pass and it will get easier. You will reach a moment in which you will tell yourself “Today, I am okay” and you will mean it.

Home sweet home

After the storm has passed and you’ve learned how to cope with relocation depression, you will feel at home. You can move on with your life, with your new friends, new job, and old self and be happy. And remember, there’s no place like home!

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