How to get hair dye off skin?

how to get hair dye off skin

Did you just color your hair for the first time without knowing that it could get on your skin? The dramatically quick way to alter the look of your hair can sometimes be a wreck on your skin. You can buy the most expensive color and DIY the hair dying process with care. However, there are chances that it gets on your skin and you need to do an immediate cleaning. Here, we will help you know how to get hair dye off the skin so that you know how to act on it right away. (

How to prevent hair dye from getting on the skin?

You need to apply body oil or petroleum jelly on the probable body parts that can be exposed to hair dye. These moisturize the skin and doesn’t allow you to absorb dye as dry skin does. You can even try petroleum jelly on your stained skin and let it sit for a while. After a few minutes, rub it off and find the stain go away. Clean it up with soap and you’re good to go and read best blue hair dye.

Rather than looking for ways to on how to remove hair dye from nails, always use gloves while hair dyeing. Buy a pair of rubber gloves from a pharmacy near you and prevent your nails from having chemicals on them.

How to get hair dye off skin when dried

If you forget to moisten your body and you find your shoulders or back have hair dye, you need to have it cleaned with home remedies. Check out the best ways to remove hair dye from points below:

1. Vinegar

You can dip a clean ball of cotton in vinegar and gently rub the dyed skin area. Vinegar helps slough off dead skin cells that absorb colors and reveals the skin beneath. Make sure you don’t use it near the eyes and cleanse it well with water once done.

2. Baking soda with liquid detergent

Mix equal parts of baking soda with a mild liquid detergent. Mix them both together and apply it on the stained skin. Rub it till color starts to fade. The soda has an abrasive effect, so make sure you don’t over-scrub. The mixture of baking soda with detergent quickly cleans out the dye. However, you must keep it away from the eyes to avoid irritation. You also need to rinse the body part well.

3. Toothpaste

If you’re looking for how to get hair dye off forehead you can try using toothpaste. You just need to add a dot of toothpaste on the skin and rub it against the colored area. It is slightly abrasive and works well for scraping the stained skill cells. It easily reveals clean skin underneath after which you can wash it off.

Most kinds of toothpaste work well for this condition but you should try to use the one that includes baking soda. These toothpastes have large granules and are easy to scrape out.

4. Rubbing alcohol with soap

Soak a clean cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and wipe dyed body area. As the color starts fading, apply soap and cleanse it with water. When you don’t have rubbing alcohol at home, you can use an aftershave lotion for men. It includes mild alcohol content that works the same way as rubbing alcohol does.

5. Makeup remover

Your makeup remover is a cheap and quick trick that can work wonders to remove hair dye from skin. All you need to do is pick up a makeup remover bottle from the local pharmacy or use branded ones from Sephora, and use it. These work great for eye makeup removal as they protect the sensitive area around the eyes and prevent early wrinkling and aging.

The product can work for hair dye stain as much as it does for makeup. You just need to use a cotton ball, soak the ball in makeup remover liquid, and clean the area. Just wait for five minutes before you rinse the area with water. The stain will start to disappear.

6. Petroleum jelly

If you forget to use petroleum jelly as a preventive layer on your skin, use it as a stain remover. You simply need to take it an adequate amount and massage it around your skin. Use the fingertips to work on it and continue until you find the stain go away completely.

You will find the jelly turn into the color of dye and that’s what proves that it is working. You can use petroleum jelly on a makeup removal pad to prevent skin dyeing. Just make sure you use gloves all through the process to keep away chemicals from your body. To remove petroleum jelly, you need to use a wet washcloth.

7. Olive oil or baby oil

One of the best ways to answer how to get hair dye off skin is by using oil. Both baby and olive oil work wonders for this condition. Oil is not rough like liquid detergent or baking soda, but it serves the purpose equally well. Oil helps you soften the skin but it might not give you instant results. You might need to reapply oil several times to take the stains off your skin.

When to seek professional help?

Professional hair coloring will cost you way more than DIY methods even if you purchase the color you want for your hair. But professionals work with finesse and make sure that your body doesn’t stain. Even if it does, they take the responsibility to fix the stain and correct your look. If you are not sure about how to DIY hair dyeing, you should take professional help.

Experts at a salon always have an outer layer of clothing that keeps your clothes and skin away from hair products. No matter what type of styling you choose to do, they will ensure that it doesn’t harm you any other way.

If you think that you can afford professional help, it is always better to depend on experts. However, you can also ask your friends to help you out through your hair dyeing process for expert care.

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