How to open a Locked Car Door without a Key?

How to open a Locked Car Door without a Key?

The only time most of us feel the need and realize the importance of a spare car key set is when we lost it or are locked out of the vehicle at the most unpleasant of the times.

If you are facing any of these situations, it’s better to just realize that you are in trouble. Let’s just stop pretending for a while that everything’s cool and you’ll be good soon. Whether you are getting out of this scenario soon or late depends on certain factors.

If you ever find yourself facing this situation, the only question constantly teasing you in the head would be: How do I open the door without a key?

Different cars have different locking and unlocking mechanisms. Newer model cars come with power locks that can be managed with remote controls. Older cars, however, have to be opened manually. Before proceeding to make a decision, it would be better if you ascertain what type of lock your car has. In the following lines, we are describing for some tried and tested methods of the best automotive locksmith in town for opening a car door without a key.

Shoestring Method

This sounds too good to be true. However, it does actually work. Why this method is useful because shoestring is one of those few tools you will always be carrying with you. Take it out and tie a knot in the mid of a knot. Then, pass it through the car door and grab the doorknob through it, pulling will open the door.

Unfortunately, however, this method is only applicable to doors who use pulling up method.

How to open a Locked Car Door without a Key?

Using a Coat hanger to Open Car Door

This is one of the most commonly employed methods to get out of a car lockout situation. It is time consuming yet if successful, it could save you hundreds of dollars on a locksmith.

You’ll need a wire hanger to untwist it and make a hook out of it. This hook will go inside the weather stripping in the window. From this point, keep jiggling the hook until it finds and catches the locking mechanism. Coat hanger method is very time consuming which means it might seriously stress you out but it’s worth the effort in times of desperation.

As you are working on a locking mechanism that is inside the car, you can apply this method with horizontal locks too.

How to open a Locked Car Door without a Key?

Rod and Screwdriver Method

Before we explain how to operate using this technique, be warned that this is a fairly risky trick which may cause harm to the vehicle.

Here’s how to apply it.

You will need Phillip’s head screwdriver, a steel rod, and a few seconds. If the rod is available, any long pole-type tool will do. Have a look at the junk in your home and you might find something useful. Using the screwdriver, pry open the door and then sticking the rod inside, push the unlock button. You should be able to get this done.

If you don’t have tools, buying them would be cheaper.

How to open a Locked Car Door without a Key?

Slim Jim Method

It’s not that beef jerky Slim Jim you are thinking about right now! It’s something else. Here’s something new and useful for you. There’s also a car version of a slim Jim which is commonly used in movies by thugs and thieves for breaking into the cars. Turns out, it’s not only a Hollywood-specific thing. It’s real and it works! This method is also useful in an old style lock.

Insert the slim Jim into the car’s interior in the same way you use the wire from the coat hanger. Keep working on the locking mechanism inside the door would help unlock it.

How to open a Locked Car Door without a Key?

Using an Inflatable Wedge to Open Door

This is a comparatively safer method and will save the paint of your car.

With the help of an inflatable wedge, put air pressure on the door. And place a metal object such as a screwdriver against which air will exert pressure. Wedge will allow the creation of space so that an access tool could be inserted. Access tool might either be a stick, rod or some sort of coat hanger. Then, have patience and keep a steady hand to push or pull back the button that will unlock the door!

How to open a Locked Car Door without a Key?

Apply “The Hail Marry” Trick a.k.a The Tennis Ball Method

It’s the most debated yet effective trick to open a car door without a key.

Take a heated electric drill and make a hole in the ball. Place the ball, with a hole on the top, over the lock, facing its opening. Then press the ball as hard as you can. With a little luck, you should be able to open it.

However, this method is fairly tricky and depends entirely on luck. There’s no guarantee as to its effectiveness. (

How to open a Locked Car Door without a Key?

Call Security Assistance or Police

This is a bit unconventional yet effective method to have your car door lock opened. But what else can you do when everything fails?

You are desperate to get inside the car and you have tried everything. All that is left is now to call someone to help you. Police officers normally have a toolkit using which they can cut open into the car. However, remember that this is one of the last things you might want to resort to.

There’s another effective option before calling the police. And it’s this.

Hire a Professional Locksmith

Just right before calling the cops, ask yourself this question “which company offers the best auto locksmith near me for car keys with free estimates?”

Auto locksmiths’ professionals have the best experience and tools required to deal with any and all sorts of emergency lockout situation. In addition to experience and tools, professionals also have the right certifications to perform the job. Many states require a locksmith to hold a license and so they do.

Why this is important is because a license means that the professional is legally registered, is equipped with the right tools and can be trusted as the license-issue authorities hold full information about their whereabouts.

These were some of the tips you can follow if you need to get inside your car without keys! information provided by a skilled and professional locksmith in Orlando, FL – (LIMU Express Locksmith).

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