How to Take Care of Your Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are widely used in European kitchens for a stunningly beautiful look, even though they can be susceptible to stains and discoloration over time. Despite the reputation for being high-maintenance, marble countertops offer a classic and luxurious style that is quickly becoming a mainstay in American kitchens across the country.

Marble kitchen countertops may not always retain a fresh, clean look in an active cooking area even if they are properly cared for. But it is a natural stone after all, and that is part of the charm. There are, however, some things you can do to help preserve the beautiful look of marble countertops.  

Make Sure You Have A Good Sealant

A properly sealed marble kitchen countertop, or even bathroom countertops, will be better protected and can hold their finish. For marble countertops, that finish is commonly polished to provide a high-gloss surface, or honed for a softer matte surface.

Carefully Clean Every Day

For your marble countertop sealant to remain effective, wipe down the surface every day using a nonabrasive cloth or sponge with mild soap and water. If you encounter a food spill, clean it up immediately before it has time to penetrate the surface and leave a stain. Discoloration can occur overnight even through a quality sealant. And when using your kitchen countertops as a preparation workspace, make sure your cutting boards are ready to work so that any possible foods that can cause staining do not come in direct contact with the counter surface. Y may even want to use coasters for your wine glasses and coffee mugs as rings left on the countertops are unsightly and these two items are the biggest stain culprits around.

Remove Set Stains and Etching

If mild soap and water will not clean up a mess left on the surface of your marble countertops, or you notice some etching, more aggressive measures can be taken. A cleanser with an abrasive sponge can scrub down to the stain but it will have to remove the sealant as you work the stain out.

Eliminate Stubborn Stains

If removing a stain on your marble countertops is proving to be more than you can handle, it may be time to call a professional stone refinisher. They’ll do an expert job using special grinders, and other tools like fine-grit sandpaper to completely remove the stain. You may also consider using fine sandpaper on your marble countertops yourself. You will not harm the stone and if there is a chip on your countertops, you can smooth it out. Whether it’s a nick, a chip, or a stain, scrubbing it out will require that you reseal your marble countertop surface to make it look new again and protect it from future stains.

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