How to Use Custom Koozies for your Marketing


Employees and employers love the season of holidays and festivals. Festivals & holidays, in turn, bring gifts. One such gift that is appreciated by all in the corporate world is Custom Koozies. You can customize your logo and your brand name on the koozie. This marketing gimmick can help your company boost the expected results.

There are a lot of colors, shapes, and designs that you can choose from. You can work your creativity in the best manner to reflect your brand through the koozie custom designs you choose. Match your company’s colors, use the shape in creative branding and use more such gimmicks to bring out desired outcomes.

How to Use Custom Koozies for your Marketing

The types of koozies you can use are our bottle cans, long-neck bottles, water bottles, and carafes. There are collapsible, mood-changing, and even reflective versions of koozies. You can select the type and shape according to your branding purpose. You can use colors of your choice that suit best to your brand. These custom can koozies are very famous amongst everyone in the corporate world and hence, you can hit the rock in a very cost-effective way. You can also use Christmas koozies as a gift at the time of Christmas as a Christmas party favor. 

Ideas For Giving Custom Koozies

You can use the koozies as your business card. Yes, you heard it right! A koozie can contain all the information regarding your brand and company on a koozie, and treat it as a business card. Whenever you are going for a meeting, you can use this koozie to give as a gift to the client. The person finds it a nice gesture to receive a gift from you, and your information also reaches them, solving the purpose of your marketing.

You can deliver these koozies to your desired clients and employees via direct mail, during company picnics, or at any outdoor events.

Direct mail

When you are mailing any documents or other packages to a company or a client, you can put the koozie along with it. The koozie doesn’t add much weight and hence, also doesn’t cost much. It can effortlessly go with bulk mail and also reach out to the target audience of your marketing campaign. ( Thus, your purpose of being visible to all your potential clients gets fulfilled and it also leaves a good impression as the koozie works as a gesture of gifting.

Company picnics

Company picnics are a good spot to slide in your custom koozies amongst the employees. Thus, they will flaunt your brand amongst their friends and relatives. You can introduce fun games in the picnics and give your koozies as a gift or a prize for the winners of the game. You can also give it as a memento to the employees coming for the picnic. Thus, you can use this smart way of marketing, with the help of custom koozies.

Outdoor events 

You are bound to give gifts and giveaways when you are organizing events at a beach, golf tournament, concert, or sports event. Here, you can give away the custom koozies. Thus you get a big scope for marketing your brand. It can also save you from paying a fortune for giveaways and gifts. You get a chance to market your company in the most cost-efficient manner.

Reasons Custom Koozies are Great

Koozies fall just right in the category of a cost-effective and easiest tool for marketing your company. Hence, they are largely used by a lot of companies for the purpose of marketing and branding. Following are the advantages of using a custom koozie:



While planning a marketing strategy, you first need to figure out a solution that can give you maximum results while costing the least. Hence, custom koozies fit just right in this category. They aren’t that costly, there is an enormous scope of branding over the koozie and mostly everyone likes it.

It isn’t costly to make a custom koozie and it also goes easily in bulk mail. You can also use them as a giveaway and also for other purposes like gifting. Hence, its usage has a wide scope and the cost against the usage is very low.

Wide Public Reach

A koozie is easy to handle and you can carry it to any place. Hence, a lot of people find it easy and convenient to carry a koozie that they received from some company. Hence, the public reach of your marketing through this koozie widens.

Your reach widens due to the versatility of the custom koozies. You can use them anywhere and for anybody you want. Hence, a larger area of your target audience is covered using custom koozies.


Since it is a cost-effective method and it also reaches a wide number of people, it is the most practical solution. You get a big area for using your creativity and branding. Your logo, design, and information can be set according to your preference. Thus it is a very practical solution.


Every koozie you design can be different from each other. You can play with colors, use the logo and the branding in different manners and attract various segments of customers with these variations.

You can get custom koozies at the best price from which provides factory direct supply. 

Final Verdict

The emerging star of current branding and marketing is undoubtedly the custom koozies. Hence, it is a very sensible, practical, and affordable solution for your company’s marketing. You can give it on any occasion like an outdoor event, or company picnic, or you can even use it as a business card at a business meeting. Custom koozies give an impression of a gifting gesture and also solve the motive of marketing. Hence, they are a great tool to use for your company’s marketing.

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