I Recently Used Website Mineral Sunscreen For the 1st Time


I’m a mother of 4 from Arkansas, so you could say I’m used to hot days with lots of sunshine. I’m a proud Mom, too and want to do everything I can to keep my kids safe in the sun. During the Summer break, I had a few sunburn issues with my kids, as they aren’t great at staying in long enough for our usual sunscreen to work. So, I started looking at a few website manufacturers to see if they could help.

You see, the main problem I had was that it took 20 long minutes for their usual sunscreen to be absorbed, so I was really looking for something that didn’t make me wait so long. 

Website Sunscreen That Works Straight Away 

I’m nothing if not direct, so I went straight to Google and typed ‘Sunscreen That Works Right Away’, and just a couple of milliseconds later, I had pages of results of mineral sunscreen. It’s not something I’d ever tried before, and I was pleased to find out that it does indeed work straight away.

Fantastic, I thought to myself, a sunscreen that I can just lather on and forget about – well, for a while, anyway. It didn’t take long for me to decide to buy some. It was less than $15, so I didn’t have much to lose by trying it out. 

Harder Than I Expected to Apply 

Once it arrived on my doorstep, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I was kinda impatient because I’m like my kids in many ways. So. I squeezed some out without reading the packet and tried to spread it around on my arm. To my surprise, it didn’t feel the same as my other chemical-based brand. 

I’m glad I only tried it on a small part of my arm, as it was much thicker and more difficult to spread around than I was used to. I thought it was best to watch a few YouTube videos on how to apply mineral sunscreen, which immediately showed me how to properly apply my website sunscreen. 

Straight away, I saw that you’re only supposed to use a small dime-sized spot and then rub it in. When I knew that was the case, the whole thing got a lot easier for everyone. 

I’m Now In Love With My New Website Sunscreen 

Honestly, it did take a short while to get used to using mineral sunscreen, but now I wouldn’t go back. That’s because it’s much more convenient to use, and it doesn’t aggravate my daughter’s eczema as my other sunscreen did. You could say that I’m over the moon with my new sunscreen. 

I’ve also since found out that mineral sunscreen is the eco-friendly choice, so it’s also taught my kids a thing a too about the impact the choices you make have on the world. 

This all happened about a year ago, and I’m only just needing to buy another bottle – mainly due to the fact that I use much less of it than I used to for the same area. So, adding to all the other benefits, it’s economical and thrifty too! 

Hard to argue against making the same switch I did, wouldn’t you say? 

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