The IBIS Hyderabad Hi-tech city hotel for tourists and business travelers

IBIS Hyderabad Hi-tech city hotel

The tourists visit many places that are beautiful and scenic. So, they seek for accommodation in a hotel or lodging. The hotels should provide the visitors the amenities to live comfortably. The hotel or the restaurant should be situated near the shopping centers or ATM. They should be also situated near the tourist spots. The businessmen who travel from place to place extensively also seek accommodation in a hotel. If they want to conduct any meetings or conferences, then the hotel should provide a large conference hall.  The ibis Hyderabad hitec city is ideal for the business travelers.

About the ibis Hyderabad hotel

People visit this hotel because it is aesthetic and economical. It is situated 10 kms away from Raheja Mindspace. This building comprises the famous entities of the world such as the IBM, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Qualcomm, Facebook, etc. it is also situated 15 kms away from the Hyderabad International Conventional Center.

This hotel is situated in the rich city of Hyderabad known for its natural beauty. They can visit the historical landmark of Hyderabad.

Some of the important features of the hotels

The visitors can check-in to the hotel around 2.00 p.m and they should check-out from the hotel at 2.00 p.m the next day. They can enjoy different types of amenities such as parking, internet, and air conditioning facilities. They receptionists provide services to the customers for 24/7 basis.  The visitors are also provided with breakfast or they can visit the bar also.

This hotel also comprises a restaurant and they can enjoy their meals in the restaurant. They can enjoy some mouthwatering and rare recipes in the restaurant. The hoteliers provide room service to the customers. They can ring the bell if they require services from the hoteliers.

The visitors can also enjoy some activities of leisure. This hotel consists of fitness center and gym. It is ideal for the business travelers as the hotel comprises two meeting rooms.  It also consists of a web corner on a Mac. If they want printouts, then they can avail the facility of a printer.

This hotel comprises 178 rooms that are well-furnished and modern. The room consists of sound proof system. The beds are comfortable and consist of big fluffy pillows. The bed consists of high-tech mattresses and a super-soft duvet. Some of the rooms consist of a sweet bed also.

This hotel consists of 4 types of rooms such as Standard Queen Room, Twin Room, Standard Queen Room, and Standard Twin Room. The Standard Twin Room consists of wireless internet system, high-speed internet connection, mineral water facilities, and other facilities such as coffee or tea making machine.  The Standard Queen Room also consists of the similar facilities. All the other rooms consist of the same facilities. The visitors can also enjoy several amenities such as Wi-Fi, HD TV, tea, coffee maker facilities, etc. It also contains a bathroom that is well-equipped with faucet and a shower cubicle.

The visitors can enjoy different types of beverages such as tea, coffee, coffee and tea making facilities, etc.

The ibis Hyderabad hitec city comprises of various facilities to provide comfort to the guests.

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