Ideas For Your Next Home Project in Cass County, IN

When you first moved into your home in Cass County, Indiana, what were you most excited about? Was it the mortgage payments building equity over time so you could take advantage of the investment in the future? Was it the privacy of finally not having to share walls with apartment neighbors? 

For many homeowners, the most exciting aspect of buying rather than renting is the ability to make improvements to the property. As a renter, your chances to make serious changes are usually limited by the landlord, and if any upgrades are made, they are done by someone else. When you own a home, you get to choose what projects get done to improve your living experience.

Whether you want to do things yourself or hire contractors, completing a project can be very satisfying. Plus, these projects generally increase the value of the property. If you need some great ideas for your next home project, here are several to consider.

Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom can have the greatest ROI when compared to most other renovations. Your project could be as simple as changing the design scheme with new colors and decorations. It could also be as complicated as a full renovation with new fixtures, a new shower, a toilet replacement, and a brand-new vanity. You can let your creativity shine through with a full bathroom remodel, but beware. This room involves multiple water system connections and electrical components. If you do not know what you are doing, then it might be safer to hire a professional so you don’t make a costly mistake during the demolition or construction phases. 

Build a Deck

While many homes come with exterior decks, plenty of them do not. Even those that do may not have a sizeable deck for your purposes, so redesigning it could be necessary. Either way, building a new deck yourself can be a great way to practice your DIY building skills as a homeowner. If the deck is going to be very large or off of a second-story bedroom, then hiring professionals is probably smarter. However, for a ground floor deck, as long as you adhere to local Cass County building codes, it is a perfectly doable project without any professional assistance. A new or updated deck will add value to the property as well as curb appeal. 

Outdoor Patio

Already have a deck but want to improve your property’s exterior? Maybe a patio would be the perfect project to tackle next spring and summer. A patio could be the foundation of an outdoor kitchen or a place to sit around a DIY firepit. It could also be as simple as some pavers for the floor and a few comfortable chairs. For a stronger foundation, you could hire a concrete pump service and then focus on the decor and furnishings. Dress up the patio further with a pergola, hanging string lights, or a border stone wall that will enhance the privacy aspect as well as the ambiance. An outdoor patio can be the perfect complement to the rest of your yard, and it can vary in simplicity depending on your goals for the space. 

Small Paint Jobs

The great thing about color is that it does not take much to make a big impact. You do not have to paint an entire room to make it look different. In fact, you can create an entirely new atmosphere with just a few strategic locations that will be painted with new colors. You could add an accent wall in your living room/family room to complement the other colors in the space. If you go around the house and only paint the trim or the crown molding, then it will still make a big impression. Perhaps your main entryway door could use a touch-up and there is no better time to try out a new color that stands out amid the rest of the front of the house. Though these paint jobs may seem small, they can save you money while still achieving the desired effect and completely changing the atmosphere of the space. 

Customize Your Cass County Home to Suit Your Preferences

Since you own this home, you have the freedom to make changes. Whether those changes are big or small is up to you. A simple paint job can upgrade how a specific room looks without breaking the bank. A bigger project like a total bathroom renovation or a brand-new deck can add value to the property while improving your living experience in the home. The ability to customize your home is one of the greatest benefits of homeownership, so take advantage by making sure your Cass County, IN home is perfect for your needs. 

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