Interior Design Of A Small Apartment Unit With Vintage Collection

In today’s economy, bigger does not always mean better. Many of us are adapting to life in small but efficient spaces, which are often more than enough. However, despite the numerous cons of less spacious accommodations, effective interior designing is not one of them. 

It only takes the right amount of skill and knowledge to turn your tiny apartment into an interior design dream. If you are the owner of a vintage collection as well, you won’t have to worry about their place in your home since we have the tips and tricks to help you accommodate your antique pieces in more modest spaces.

Functional Storage Is The Superior Option

It is safe to say that as a vintage collector, you cherish your items and would like to keep them in pristine condition. One way of doing this is by making sure any contact with them is minimal to none. Additionally, you are aware that most pieces are best kept away from harsh light and exposure to maintain their state of preservation and prevent deterioration. However, the limited space within a small apartment can be a challenge. So, to work around that, consider functional storage, such as furniture that doubles down as containers.

Make The Most Out Of Shelves

Shelves are going to be your best friend in a small apartment. The space-efficient fixture is ideal for storing and displaying your vintage collection. Whether fixed or movable, you can never go wrong with getting one for your abode. As an added tip, consider placing them higher up on the walls to maximize space and make sure your antiques won’t come in contact with other people, pets, or items that might compromise their quality. It’s a great way to keep them and have others, and yourself still admire them from afar. 

Don’t Underestimate Corners; Utilize Them

Depending on the dimensions of your little home, corners could be an excellent way to keep your vintage collection. Unfortunately, many think the only way to place furniture or decor in intersections is to keep them parallel to the wall. However, we suggest you take a different approach when you want to use this area for your antiques. 

Instead of keeping storage against the wall, try fixtures that protrude from the corner to utilize the space better. Plus points if you can find an item that will complement the theme of your collection. 

Interior Design Courses As Your Best Asset

Your small apartment has more space than you realize. However, most people take a look at their place and accept defeat, deeming it impossible to make the most out of their tiny home. Don’t make the same mistake, and maximize what you have with the right concepts and skills.

Interior design courses are a great way to maximize your home and life. With the expertise you will gain from these programs, you can transform your–and anyone else’s homes with ease. In addition, you can guarantee that your beloved vintage collection will be in good hands and that your interior will accommodate them exceptionally well.

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