Is a bike a viable choice for a student in college?

bike a viable choice

Students in college need to move around. It may take a while to get to the hostels, library, or classes on a campus built on an expansive property. Movement outside the campus will also come at a high cost and inconvenience. Students have the option of buying a car, a motorbike, using public transport, or cycling. 

Public transport might not get to college because of safety and infrastructure considerations. Cars and motorbikes are expensive beyond requiring maintenance and parking considerations. Why should a student consider a bike for movement around college and beyond? 

Bike sports 

Cycling sports are some of the most lucrative in the world. They require minimal capital but the rewards are admirable. Can someone buy term paper and help me to create room for cycling sports? Writing services will take over your homework, essays, research papers, and other academic exercises. This leaves you with all the time you need to pursue your passion in cycling or any other sport you desire. 

Colleges support students to exploit their talent and passion for sports. As a cyclist, you have the support of the university to participate in tournaments and leagues around the world. Colleges offer the perfect training ground, coaches, and network to launch your professional career. It will raise your profile while earning you a fortune. 

Convenient around campus 

The infrastructure available in college perfectly suits students who choose bikes. Students are allowed to ride their bikes on pavements because they do not exert too much weight. The bikes can also fit in narrow alleys between buildings and along corridors. 

Students do not need to move at lightning speed from hostels to the library or lecture hall. At the same time, they are not carrying a heavy load that requires a large vehicle. The bike is the perfect means of transport in these circumstances. 


An average bike costs a few hundred dollars. Such an asset is within the reach of most students without straining your budget for other expenses. It is cheaper than all other forms of transport that a student can consider. 

Buying a bike will not leave you in debt that could damage your score. The type of movement happening in college also makes acquiring a bike a reasonable idea. In case you want to dispose of the bike at the end of the semester or year, you have many students looking for such items. Bikes also retain their value as long as you maintain them well. Given these circumstances, it is a reasonably affordable mode of transport. 

Green Transportation

The world is frantically searching for green solutions in the transport industry. Vehicles are accused of polluting the environment through greenhouse gases. Students can play their part in keeping the environment green by acquiring bikes.

A bike does not use any fossil fuel. Manual or mechanical bikes help you to exercise while riding. Bikes with electric motors can be charged using solar and such renewable energy options. Students are not only advocating for a sustainable energy industry but living their talk. 


Bikes offer numerous benefits beyond moving you around. A bike can be used as a tool to keep fit. Mechanical cycling requires the use of muscles and is equivalent to spending several hours in the gym. 

Exercising using a bike is a green option to keep fit. You will be riding your bike in the open spaces without relying on gym facilities that contribute to environmental degradation. A student may also exercise while out on an adventure like a hike. Such adventures come with great mental relief. 

Good for adventures

Talking of adventure, walking on foot or driving a car will only get you to a particular place in the bush or national park. A bike can take the trails traveled by people on foot. It allows you to climb mountains easily, increasing your level of adventure. 

Weekend, evening, and holiday adventures will help to enhance your college experience. They relax your body and mind after a tough period in class. You get to new places and meet other people easily compared to walking or driving. It relieves the mind, enabling you to return to class or your studies refreshed. You can write more compelling essays and other academic papers. 

Low maintenance 

.Maintenance cost is one of the considerations one must make when buying a car or any asset. Servicing a bike will almost cost you nothing. It has no engine and the tires are affordable. It does not require fuel to move around. You will never have to pay for packing since you can get it to your hostel. A student looking for a convenient, affordable, and low-maintenance way to move around campus should consider the bike. 

Perfect for socialization

Students riding bikes easily bond. They are few in college and will come together from time to time. They race or stroll around campus. Bikes also offer a chance to take adventures like road trips or picnics away from college without worrying about transportation. In the course of exchanging ideas about bikes, you will make great new friends. 

Bikes allow you to carry a passenger depending on their design. You can take a friend on a picnic or help in transporting items around your university. You will make a lot of new friends by owning a bicycle while in college. 

No parking headache 

Parking is a huge headache for students who own cars in college. Whenever you are not using the car, you will worry about its safety because of the cheeky nature of college students. Colleges do not provide garages or security for students’ vehicles. A bicycle gives you peace of mind knowing that you will never worry about parking. Fold the bike and get it to your hostel, even if you live on the 10th floor. 

It is cool to own a bike in college. You move easily and attract the attention of other students. Movement takes a short time, allowing you to do more in college. It is an affordable, convenient, and exciting consideration for college students.

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