Isha Price

Isha Price


If you love wondering about famous personalities and their life, then Isha Price is the name you should look up next. In the modern world, the only people who tend to survive hardships are the ones who are multi-talented and do not waste their time. Their versatile nature makes them come out on top.

If we talk about the details, then we will come to know that almost every famed personality, whether they belong to any sector of life, is only famous because they did more than they had to and made their profile so versatile that they started growing in the eyes of the fans and the admirers. If you love the stories of such successful personalities, then it is time to dive into the details of the famed Isha Price mentioned in this article.

Isha Price is a name worth your time

If you are wondering who Isha Price is, let us walk you through the details. Because she is none other than a famous lawyer and a public figure known for producing several documentaries. Also, this is not the only reason why she is known among the public. In fact, she is the half-sister of the famous tennis players Venus Williams and Serena Williams. Although she has been quite famous on her own, the story of her mother, Oracene Price, added more weight to her name.

The relationship with tennis stars

Although she is the half-sister of the famous tennis players, but you might often witness her seated in the stadium waiting for her sisters to beat the opponents in the scheduled matches. The details tell us that she lost her father at a very young age, so she had to live with her mother. (provigil online apotheke)

The personal life details

The birth details

If we say that without the personal life details of famous personalities, we can not know them in a better manner, then it would not be wrong at all. The details tell us that the famed lawyer was born on 11th May 1978. Thus if we talk about her age, then it would be 44 years. Also, if we talk about the zodiac sign, then it would be Aquarius.

Some important details to notice

If we go through the details, we will know that the famed individual has American nationality. If we talk about her ethnicity, then it would be African American. The people wondering about the place of birth of the famed star would be glad to know that it is none other than Beverly Hills, California, USA. Also, this is the current address of the famed star.

The academic profile

The qualifications

Without academic information, you will never be able to deduce the actual caliber of the famed individual. Thus if we dive into the details, then we will come to know that the famed star is a graduate in law.

The educational institutes attended

Now you might be wondering about the educational institutes that she has attended. So let us tell you that currently, there is no information regarding the institute she attended for her early education. But currently, we do know that she attended the Georgetown University Law Center for her law degree. Also, she has been a part of the student community at Howard University.

The family details

The major details that make the famed individual shine in society are the family details. Thus, if we dive into the details, we will come to know that her father’s name was Yusef Rasheed, and her mother’s name was Oracene Price. She was born to her parents in 1978. Although she used to live with her parents in the past but tragically, her father died early in the year 1979. Thus she was left alone in the world with her mother.

The marriage of Oracene Price with Richard Williams

It was in the year 1980 when her mother, Oracene Price, married the famed tennis player and coach Richard Williams, who had previously won several international tennis tournaments. After the marriage with Richard Williams, she gave birth to two daughters named Serena Williams and Richard Williams.

The tennis star daughters

Both of her younger daughters are world-renowned tennis players. In fact, their father, Richard Williams, trained them to ensure that no stone was left unturned to snatch the victory in the Grand Slam Tournaments.

The divorce of Richard and Oracene

Although the married life of the famed couple and the mother of Isha Price was excellent, just like most celebrity couples, the marriage did not last long. It was at the start of 2002 when the famed couple divorced.

The siblings details

Although we know that the famous tennis stars and Isha Price are her half-sisters, do you know that Isha Price also has two other sisters? Their names are mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Yetunde Price
  • Lyndrea Price

Unfortunately, she does not have a brother.

The relationship profile of Isha Price

Now we must go through the relationship life details of the famed Isha Price. Thus if we look at her profile, the only name that will get our attention is Felix Fayron. The marital status of Isha Price tells us that she is married, and Felix is the name of her husband. Also, if we go through the social media profile, we will see a photo of the famed couple together. Although the couple has been married for quite some time, they currently do not have any kids.

The net worth value

Now we must go through the most important details, that is, the financial figures of the famed individual. Thus, if we dive into the details, we will come to know that the current net worth value of Isha Price is between $1 to $2 million. Also, if we talk about the source of income, then it would be none other than her lawyer and production careers.

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Isha Price has been a part of the famed tennis family. Although her mother has divorced William Richards still, she is in contact with her half-sisters and is often witnessed on the games along them. Isha Price is the only key that can unlock the personal details of the Williams family.

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