Joey Badass Net Worth: From Mixtapes to Millions

Joey Badass Net Worth

Joey Badass Net Worth is a talented American rapper, songwriter, and actor. Starting in 2012, he has made a name for himself in the music industry. Throughout his career, he has released three studio albums along with two mixtapes and several singles. With a successful music career, no wonder Joey has also had noteworthy earnings too. So in this article, we’ll look into Joey Badass’s net worth. Also, we’ll explore this rapper’s music journey and some of his acting ventures.

Who is Joey Badass?

Joey Badass, hailing from Brooklyn, burst onto the hip-hop scene during the early 2010s. Born Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott in 1995, Joey quickly gained attention with his mixtapes. He was a founding member of the collective known as the Pro Era. Joey is famous mostly for his lyrical prowess and meaningful messages in his music.

Joey Badass Net Worth

The career of this hip-hop artist took off with his mixtape titled “1999” in 2012. His unique blend of old-school influences and contemporary vibes resonated with hip-hop lovers. That set the stage for Joey’s future success.

How much was Joey Badass’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Joey Badass owns a net worth estimated at around $6 million. This significant wealth comes from his successful music career, acting roles, and various business ventures. But mostly it’s from his music career.

Key Points to Know About Joey Badass

Net Worth $6 million
Full Name Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott
Other Nicknames JayOhVee, Jozif Badmon, Joey B
Born January 20, 1995
Birthplace Brooklyn, New York City, US
Nationality American
Profession Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Actor
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Music Career: Base of Joey Badass’s Net Worth

Joey Badass’s path to success started with his passion for music. As well as his ability to connect with audiences through his lyrics. At a young age, he began releasing mixtapes and gained recognition for his thought-provoking verses. Throughout his career, Joey has released three mixtapes. Among those are “1999” (2012), and “Summer Knights” (2013). Both of these showcased Joey Badass’s growth as an artist. Continuing, the rapper has released three studio albums, two extended plays (EP), and 25 singles (so far). Each release boosted his growth as an artist and connected him with listeners. Not just that, these brought him notable earnings.

Pro Era Collective

Joey Badass is also a founding member of the hip-hop collective Pro Era. It’s short for Progressive Era and was formed in 2011. It comprised talented artists such as Capital Steez, CJ Fly, and Kirk Knight, among others. Mr. Badass’s involvement with Pro Era allowed him to collaborate with fellow artists. As well as he could release joint projects. That collectively contributed to the growth and success of the group.

Groundbreaking Albums

Joey Badass released several studio albums that solidified his position in the music industry. His debut album, “B4.DA.$$” (2015), debuted at number five on the Billboard 200 chart. The album featured tracks like “Christ Conscious” and “Big Dusty.” These further showcased Joey Badass’s lyrical depth and storytelling abilities.

Joey Badass Net Worth

Following this, Joey Badass released his second studio album, “All-Amerikkkan Bada$$” in 2017. The album addressed social and political issues. On the Billboard 200 chart, it debuted at position five. Also, this album received critical acclaim for its powerful messaging and cohesive sound.

Album Sales

So far, Joey Badass has achieved notable success in terms of album sales. His first studio album sold more than 227,000 copies in the US alone. This impressive figure demonstrates the album’s commercial appeal. Moreover, it shows how the strong fanbase of Joey Badass had grown at the time.

His second studio album, “All-Amerikkkan Badass,” released on April 7, 2017, sold around 81,721 copies in the United States. Though it had slightly lower sales compared to his debut album. But it still received critical acclaim.

Most recently, Joey released his album “2000” on July 22, 2022. It is projected to move approximately 22,000 album-equivalent units in its first week. While the album is still relatively new, this figure indicates a positive reception. Also, it proves that Joey continues to maintain a dedicated fanbase and attract new listeners.

Singles and Collaborations

Furthermore, the rapper has released impactful singles throughout his career. His notable singles include “Devastated” (2016) and “Love Is Only A Feeling” (2017) among others. That showcased a more melodic side of his artistry and became a commercial success. The song reached a wide audience beyond his dedicated fan base.

His other works include “Waves” from his mixtape “1999,” known for its nostalgic sound. “Christ Conscious” showcased his lyrical dexterity. The politically charged “Temptation” addressed societal challenges. Collaborating with ScHoolboy Q, “Rockabye Baby” (2017) demonstrated their chemistry. “Shine” (2018) highlighted Joey Badass’s versatility.


In addition to his solo work, Joey Badass has collaborated with various renowned artists. His collaborations with artists like DJ Premier on the track “Unorthodox” (2013) and Flatbush Zombies on “Did U Ever Think” (2014) have showcased his ability to work across genres and contribute to diverse musical projects.

Live Performances and Tours

As a musician, Joey Badass’s stage presence and performances have been key to his financial success. He embarked on numerous tours and headlining concerts across the globe. Also, he has joined so many other artists’ tours as a guest. The revenue generated from ticket sales, merchandise, and sponsorships added to his net worth. Not only did his live performances generate income, but they also expanded his fan base. And it further increased his popularity.

Acting Ventures

Besides his music, Joey Badass has also ventured into the world of acting. The rapper has made appearances in both film and television. In 2014, Joey Badass took on a lead role in a short film titled “No Regrets.” In this film, he played himself, showing his on-screen presence for the first time. Afterward, he made several appearances on television, showcasing his acting skills in various roles.

In 2016, Joey had a regular role in the popular series “Mr. Robot.” He appeared in a total of 13 episodes, playing the character Leon. Then in 2019, he joined the cast of the comedy-drama series “Boomerang.” There Joey portrayed the character Camden Knight in four episodes.

Again in 2019, Joey made an appearance in the biographical series “Wu-Tang: An American Saga.” The 1999 fame rapper took on the roles of Rebel and Inspectah Deck. Additionally, he has also made appearances as himself in the comedy-drama series “Grown-ish” in 2019.

Famously known Badmon’s most recent acting venture is the series “Power Book III: Raising Kanan.” It’s an ongoing crime drama series. Since 2021, he has assumed the main role of Kadeem “Unique” Mathis

Social Media Presence

Brooklyn native rapper, Joey Badass has a massive online presence. He has millions of followers across various social media and online music streaming platforms. For instance, the musician has over 9.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify. While on YouTube, he has amassed 362K subscribers. These numbers highlight his significant influence in the digital space. And not just that, these platforms are also a great source of his earnings. For example, Joey can make up to $36K (on average) per month from Spotify alone.

Talking about his social media, Joey has a strong following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Currently, the rapper has 3 million followers on Instagram.

FAQs of Joey Badass Net Worth

How old was Joey Badass when he blew up?

At the age of 17, Joey Badass experienced a breakthrough in his music career, gaining wide recognition.

What were Joey Badass 2000 first week sales?

The first-week sales of Joey Badass’s album “2000” were approximately 22,000 album-equivalent units.

Who does Joey Badass play in Wu Tang?

In the television series “Wu-Tang: An American Saga,” Joey Badass portrays the character Rebel/Inspectah Deck.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Joey Badass has had a successful music career, both as a rapper and producer. With hit albums, singles, and a dedicated fanbase, Joey Badass Net Worth has grown greatly. Additionally, his ventures in acting and strong online presence further contribute to his fortune.

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